What to Wear After a Breast Enlargement Surgery

What to Wear After a Breast Enlargement Surgery

July 19, 2018 0 By ashu21

Though the final results of breast enlargement are typically satisfying to most patients, the recovery period can be difficult. Not only are you likely to be uncomfortable and even in pain at times, but you can’t wear just anything during at least the first few weeks. Your doctor should provide you with information on particular garments that can help you heal, and finding out what they’re ahead of time can help you prepare.

You’ll be sent home with bandages around your chest at first, but eventually they’ll be removed and replaced with a compression garment. This type of clothing, which is often in the shape of a bra, will help you get the results you want after breast enlargement. You’ll need to wear it all day, everyday, for about a week after the procedure. In fact, in many cases, you’ll be encouraged to wear it for a few months until you’re fully healed. This is why many doctors prefer that you use breast enhancement products like Breast Actives. Breast Actives is one of the top breast enhancement products.

Compression garments have many benefits to those healing from breast enlargement surgery. First of all, you can expect your breasts to be overly swollen afterward, and this type of clothing can try to camouflage that’s-sue by pressing them down. This can also make sure that your regular clothes fit better over your chest when you do go out. There are also specialized bras to make breasts appear bigger.

Breast Implant Surgery combined with Uplift (Mastopexy)

At the same time, there are plenty of medical advantages afforded by compression garments, as well. First of all, they can help the newly formed breasts fall into their proper position. But nevertheless, they can decrease the risk of hematomas, which are blood clots. In fact, nearly any type of surgery requires certain garments during the recovery period that can reduce the risk of clotting, as this can be a serious issue.

There is another beneficial point about this field of study. Once you no longer have to wear certain compression clothing, your doctor should let you know what type of bras to buy after the breast enlargement procedure. You’ll not have to wear them forever, just while you heal completely. The recommended bras often include no underwire, a front hook, and soft cups and straps. Following these directions can ensure that you’re comfortable while you heal, and don’t disturb the recovery process.

Wearing certain garments after a procedure is not much of a sacrifice considering the outcome. You can wear regular clothes over them in most cases, and you’ll probably get used to the garment you’re wearing after a while. Thus, they’ll likely start to feel comfortable to you.

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