Why Anime Videos Are So Popular Now A Days

Why Anime Videos Are So Popular Now A Days

March 15, 2019 Off By adellfairley94

If you are outside Japan, anime specifically refers to Japanese animation. The term anime is the Japanese term for all forms of animated media and is hugely popular not only in Japan but also in the rest of the world. The vibrant colors, unique characters, attractive themes and excellent graphics attract the viewers to watch anime more and more. There was a time when anime was only popular in Japan as it started from the same country but due to the development of the Internet, anime has now become one of the most loved and watched videos across the world. All thanks to the sites like kissanime, you can watch and download many amazing anime videos absolutely for free.  There are many reasons why people love anime and we are discussing a few below

  1. Ease of availability

One of the major reasons why anime is so popular in the world is the ease of availability. There are hundreds of channels on television that show anime 24×7, as well as millions of anime videos, are available on the internet through several websites. No matter whether you are at your home relaxing, traveling or getting bored waiting for your flight at the airport, you can just take out your phone, open the anime website and watch your favourite anime online.

  1. Free of cost

As discussed earlier, watching and downloading anime videos does not cost you anything. Either on TV channels or on your mobile phones and laptops, you can watch your favourite anime for free. Also, if you are going to a place where the internet connectivity is an issue, you can also download your favourite anime on your mobile or laptop and can watch whenever you want. When things you love come free of cost, it naturally makes you fall in love with it and you want to do it more and more.

  1. Peculiar Characters

The characters in anime are very peculiar from any other cartoon shows or normal TV shows which creates a sense of anxiousness amongst people to at least watch them once. Once they start watching the anime, they start loving it as they have not seen such peculiar characters and vibrant show ever. Even kids have stopped watching regular cartoons since anime came into existence as it is more vibrant, fun to watch and looks different than others.

  1. Suitable for all age groups

One of the biggest myths about anime is that it is suitable only for the kids and only kids watch anime. Let us be absolutely clear here that anime is being watched more by adults and grown-ups as compared to kids. The major reason for the popularity of anime amongst adults is the different genres which they get to see. When kids watch anime, there is very limited content available for kids and they have to enjoy what they are shown but when it comes to adults, there are hundreds of different genres for adults which they can select according to their choices and watch. For example, genres like horror, romance, etc might not be suitable for kids but adults would enjoy them a lot.

  1. Availability of a variety of contents

You will be surprised to know that since anime came into existence, people have stopped watching regular Television shows. While regular television shows lack content and are frequently repetitive, anime has hundreds of different genres and millions of stories which are updated on a regular basis due to which an anime lover never gets bored. Anime lovers have a choice to browse through hundreds of different websites and get new and fresh contents every day and that too free of cost.


Anime is surely something to look forward to when it comes to entertainment. The popularity which anime is gaining in this era, it will definitely be all over the world in the coming years.

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