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10 Reasons Why You Must Use Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has taken the internet by storm, using every platform to make customers, clients and a targeted audience for their brand. Digital marketing is becoming a soul food for top multinational brands to new age startups.

And this is just the beginning, with creativity, out of the box thinking and innovation we do not have the slightest idea what we might be looking at in the next 1 year in the field of marketing and promotion.

From Facebook posts to Youtube videos and Instagram stories every possible aspect is being used with its full potential to reach out to the users and make a difference in the field of online marketing.

Especially in India, every digital marketing company in Mumbai or other cosmopolitan cities are striving to do something better every day to create a difference and offer better services to their clients.

So let’s talk about 10 reasons why you must use digital marketing.


One thing that is common between a big brand and a small company is that they both have a certain budget allocated for their marketing & promotion activities and that is why digital marketing is for you because it’s affordable & effective.

With price varying from one service to another, you may choose what services you want and what are the services you are not in a need of. This way you not only save yourself from a lot of expenses but get customized service for your brand.

Exploring New Avenues

When you get into digital marketing services, you actually realize there is so much you as a brand were missing on. when we speak about digital marketing it caters to all services and activities that go on the internet like –

  • Social media marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO services
  • Content Posting
  • Influencer Marketing
  • All of these have their own importance and play an integral role in your brand building.

Many people have different notions and beliefs regarding online publicity and brand building but to have proper knowledge as to why branding is important and how it can help you in promoting your brand is very crucial.


This is by far the most important aspect of digital marketing, that you can actually track down from where your brand is getting the most business from.

You can monitor what exactly is working for your brand and what is not, so you can make quick amendments and fix it. This is not at all possible with old marketing campaigns and outbound marketing strategies.


When you get entertained by a simple ad, it stores itself as a memory in your brain, a post so exclusive yet so relatable, a video that clears all your doubts.

Now all of this happens to you most of the time while browsing through the internet and that is what interactiveness of digital marketing is all about.

Digital marketing not only sells but entertains you at the same time.

91% of online experiences begin with search engines and about 70% of users accept that video marketing helps them make better buying decisions.

Digital Marketing is interactive & informative which is what every user is initially looking for on the internet.


This is a major characteristic to look for if you are a small business, with the right digital marketing practices you can expand your ability to reach people in the farthest corners of the world.

Digital marketing strategies help you expand your business in the regions you were planning for a long time. With the regular posting of quality content and talking about the right topics, you make the users recognize your brand.

This again is not possible with outbound strategies.


No matter how small or new your business venture is, there will always be a competition in the market and if you don’t want to get into digital marketing your competitor will surely do, maybe he already did, which practically means he is several steps ahead of you both in vision & marketing.

User Experience

With changing times, users want more from brands. Not just quality products or better services but a unique user experience.

Users do not like to wait and are always in a hurry. If they want something, they need it there and then. Keeping this in mind, brands hone their skills to provide the best user experience to their customers & clients. The website design, colours, logo and page speed, mobile site, user interface everything needs to be properly worked upon.

Voice Search

With voice searches made most accurate and precise with the new algorithm change in Google, now its better and easier for people to do a voice search instead of writing the words in the search box.

This area of digital marketing can’t be ignored as with more than 40% of a regular internet user now use voice search at least once every day, it showcases a huge scope in the future.


This is the part where we talk about customers the most. To create a buyer persona and only offering and showing them what they want is the personalisation of customers that makes you unique.

From the links a customer clicked to the websites he or she visited, the videos they’ve watched, the posts that they’ve liked. Everything is recorded and used as a compiled data to create a buyer persona.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

I know you must be searching for this word the whole time. It is inevitable to conclude a digital marketing post without the term SEO. In fact, more than 60% of brands accept that SEO is their top priority.

The advanced SEO takes care of not only on page & off page but the right keywords, inbound and outbound backlinks, commenting, social media marketing, right landing pages and what not. It not only helps you get yourself better engagement but makes you rank better in different search engine results.

Digital marketing is undeniably the most powerful & effective medium of promoting your business on different platforms, it also helps brands to reach their audience through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc.

With these 10 reasons, it won’t be wrong to conclude digital marketing a quintessential thing for business.

Author Bio: Prakhar is a passionate and enthusiastic content specialist at Walnut Folks. He loves writing short novels and blogs and is a connoisseur of Urdu poetry. As an aspiring filmmaker at heart, he ardently follows the works of Anurag Kashyap, Gulzar, Piyush Mishra and Christopher Nolan. When not found at his desk, you can expect him to be either dancing to an upbeat Bollywood number, or humming some Sufi tunes.