Night Before Your Exam

10 Things to Do the Night Before Your Exam

Night Before Your Exam

Do you feel frustrated and worried because of the upcoming exam? What should you do? What do you need to focus on? How to overcome this ongoing stress? Are you searching for tip and hacks on how to get prepared for your exam? 

First of all, take a deep breathe. Calm down. It’s quite ok to feel like this. Your peers and thousands of other students feel the same way. But how do they fight this kind of frustration, stress, and anxiety? 

Well, some of them prefer to get everything done in advance. So they purchase term papers for sale online. Others prefer to write and turn papers on their own. 

In this blog post, let’s talk about 10 great tips on what you can do the night before the exam to make it easier and less stressful. 

Tip #1 – Switch Off Your Phone and Focus on Exam Preparation 

First things first. To get prepared for your exam properly, you need to focus on it. It’s very important to eliminate all the distractions that you have. 

Let’s face it. Your phone is the number one source of distractions. All those messages and pictures on Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp messages from your friends. Videos on YouTube are opened in numerous tabs in your browser. Sound familiar? The list can go on and on. 

So, take a deep breathe. Now switch your phone off. You’ll see how your productivity will boost!

Tip #2 – Keep Yourself Organized 

Think of what you will need during the exam and what you need to do to prepare for it properly. Create a list of things that you need during the exam. Make sure you put them in your bag in advance. 

Create a list of things that you need to do before the exam. Evaluate how much time you have for each activity. Prioritize all the activities. Do the most important things first. 

Tip #3 – Don’t Let the Stress Take over You 

Don’t be nervous. Try to take control of your stress. Just think about your exam and studies. Worries and anxiety will not help. 

You already attended classes, completed essays and other assignments. It means you are aware of a lot of material that will be at the exam. 

Now you need to calm down and make sure your brain works like a clock.  

Tip #4 – Go Through Your Study Notes  

It may be a good idea to review all the related study notes that you have. You should read them from cover to cover. Instead, quickly look through them to revise all the topics. 

You can do this together with your peers. You can ask each other questions and try to answer them on the spot. 

Tip #5 – Take Advantage of Study Groups 

You can take it one step further. Get together in a study group together with your peers. Discuss all the most challenging questions. Try to answer the same question in turn. 

If use this technique effectively, you’ll get prepared faster, fill in your learning gaps, get new perspectives, kill procrastination. 

Tip #6 – Motivate Yourself to Pass the Test Successfully 

You need motivation. A reward can be a great motivation. So set a reward for yourself. It can be anything you’d like. It can be a delicious cake. It can be a ticket to the playoff finals of your favorite basketball team. Whatever makes you feel excited? 

Tip #7 – Load Your Brain with Enough Protein 

Get a good meal. This is super important. Your brain needs the energy to work effectively. You can get this energy from the following food. 

  • Walnuts
  • Fish (rich in Omega 3): mackerel, herring or sardines 
  • Eggs
  • Cereal with milk 
  • Granola bars
  • Energy bars
  • Almonds
  • Blueberries  

Avoid turkey or meat as it can make you feel sleepy.  

Here’s a myth. A lot of people tend to think that chocolate is good for your brain. Avoid it. All food that is rich in sugar will have a bad impact on your brain work. 

Tip #8 – Switch Activities and Do Physical Exercises 

It can be a great thing to do! If you switch between physical and mental activities, you can increase your productivity many times. Moreover, you’ll find it to be a great way to get enthusiasm and confidence to go on with your exam preparation. 

Tip #9 – Give Yourself a Break 

Studying, studying, and studying. That’s enough! If you follow all the tips mentioned above, you will do really well. So, don’t overdo it because it may give an opposite effect. 

Take a well-deserved break. Give your brain a rest. 

Tip #10 – Sleep Well 

Don’t study late at night before the exam. It’s not a good idea. If you don’t have enough sleep, chances are that during the exam you’ll feel sleepy. So, your productivity will be less. The brain will not work so effectively. You face the risk of failing the exam! 

Avoid this. Give yourself enough time to sleep. 


Here you go. You have 10 great tips on what to do at night during the exam at your fingertips. Now, what’s next? Implement them and pass that god-damn exam! If you want more tips or guides about having a good enough sleep, check the portal MyBestMattress