10 Wedding Sherwani Looks For The 2022-23 Groom!

Gentlemen, grooms-to-be! There’s no denying that a stylish outfit is the way to go for a dapper look, but we always love a fresh shake-up in a men’s wardrobe. While a well-tailored sherwani is the quintessential groom’s outfit, it’s not enough to make you look like the prince charming your queen is expecting. You need to ensure your sherwani matches the look you’re going for!

If you wish to add a little personality to your wedding day attire, this post is for you. We’ve rounded up 10 of the most stylish sherwanis to match 10 for a bit of inspiration for you boys. Take a look at the following wedding sherwani designs!

A fuss-free tone-on-tone sherwani for the humble & handsome look

Let’s start with something simple yet stylish. Here’s a symphony of enchanting pieces to restyle your senses. Look all humble and handsome while attracting tons of compliments with a pink sherwani featuring a tone on tone design. This intricately embroidered silk sherwani has a concealed placket and Mandarin collar embroidered with elegant gold zardosi. You can pair yours with tan or off white tapered trousers accompanied by white shoes. Completely modest!

An Indo-western layered sherwani for the sharp & suave look

If you are looking for something that makes you look sexy and bold, then a black outfit can do that for you, especially when paired with gold. Get inspired by this black sherwani designed from art silk and consists of jacquard foliage patterns all over. It comes with a matching bottom. I think we can all agree it’s the overlapping asymmetrical hemline that’s the show-stealer here. Try adding some bold accessories and jewellery to this outfit to balance the black.

A Navy Blue Sherwani for the respectful Nawabi look

Why should brides have all the fun? It’s 2020 aka high time for dulhe rajas to look as regal and splendid as their dulhaniyas this wedding season. Sometimes, it’s best to rely on the classics and allow yourself a Nawabi twist with a dark blue Indo-western sherwani. This one also comes in jacquard fabric with all over distinctive woven work and an asymmetrical hemline. Take note of how this sherwani is enhanced by moulded buttons and pocket square. While the white aligarhi pant in cotton adds a subtle punch.

An ivory achkan-sherwani for the desert prince look

Boys, wish to look all mysterious and sexy on your big day? Maybe make your bae’s girlfriends all jealous, hmm? Here, this age-old groom look will help you achieve that vibe and more. The ivory sherwani here is made from Matka silk. It has a silk lining accented with foil print detailing. Needless to say, the turban is one accessory you gotta have to achieve the desert prince look. The cute polka mojaris are optional, though.

A top-heavy green sherwani for the beefed-up guy look

Flaunting that glam groom look isn’t always about wearing the trendiest, most expensive clothes. It’s as easy as just picking the right kind of sherwani fabric and colour and tailoring it to have stylish cuts. Take a cue from this versatile sherwani design – a multicolour sherwani crafted in poly dupion accented with vine pattern print all over. It is paired with a contrast kurta and churidar in spun silk. The look feels fresh and light!

A floral sherwani for the debonair look

Prim and sexy, the classic debonair always had well-trimmed hair, a bag to match their shoes, and never allowed words such as “boring” to describe his wardrobe. Instead, he marches off to everywhere in structured fits perfectly tailored to his form. Such a guy deserves something charming, doesn’t he? Gentlemen, a golden sherwani with floral print and a matching dhoti can easily help you pull off that debonair look. The one in the pic is an indo western asymmetric sherwani in art silk crafted with floral digital print all over. The sherwani is enhanced by golden buttons and pocket square and comes with a golden art silk dhoti pant.

A Peach silk sherwani for the fashion-forward gentleman look

The latest and most trending change in the ever-evolving world of men’s fashion is the introduction of pastels – subtle yet elegant, minimal yet stylish. The colour appears soft, relaxed and poised, just like the 21st-century gentleman. Which is why, if you wish to opt for the fashion-forward gentleman, you should go for a peach sherwani. This one is an art silk jacquard asymmetric indo western sherwani crafted with all-over woven motifs. It is enhanced by side buttons, pocket square and paired with off-white aligarhi pants in dupion silk.

An off-white Indo western sherwani for the strong, silent brooder look

We all admire and have often been awed by the silence of strong men. They’re calm and silent not because they have nothing to say, but ‘cause they don’t feel the need to fill up the air with words. Guys, to pull off this look, you need something sharp and bespoke that really sets you apart – like this sherwani. It’s an off-white asymmetric indo western crafted with all-over floral woven motifs. The pocket square and paired with a navy blue dhoti pant in velvet is what helps balance and pull off the silent brooder look here.

A Mauve purple sherwani for the royal & sophisticated look 

True style and sophistication come with an understanding of numerous aspects of grooming, dress, and attitude. Put all three of these together with an honest personal assessment, and you get a picture of a far more interesting gentleman than your average dulha. Gentlemen, if all else fails, in the end, you can go for a light purple or mauve sherwani. The shade has long been synonymous with royalty and is the easiest way to don the sophisticated look. Provided you’ve groomed yourself well, of course! Now about the sherwani, this one is another indo western art silk sherwani crafted with floral resham embroidery. It features a slant line of side buttons and is paired with white dupion silk churidar.

It seems like for quite a long time now men have simply been managing with basic outfits of the same age-old colors and styles when it comes to their wedding attire. Experiments with wedding outfits for grooms had been minimal for years. It’s only been off late that the fashion industry has started paying more attention to make their outfits vibrant and merrier. 

 We hope you found this post inspiring. For more such amazing ideas, inspiration and high-quality pictures of Sherwani For Grooms, head to the HappyShappy app.