12 Tips for an Excellent Brand Image

Obtaining an excellent brand image is invaluable for business. It builds trust with customers, increases sales, and even works as effortless marketing. Becoming a memorable and well-liked company, however, takes a little work – here are thirteen tips that’ll help you get there. 

1: Understand Your Target Audience 

The first step to attaining an excellent brand image is knowing exactly who you are targeting. If your business focuses on fashion and clothing, then your image needs to revolve around this. To get a better idea of who your customer is, use data analytics, look at your social media followers, and analyze the product or service. 

2: Get Busy on Social Media 

Social media allows you to create a brand image through posts. With each post you make, you create more of a reputation for yourself, so make sure it’s a positive one! 

Think about how you want to come across, and then come up with post types to achieve this. Looking at similar businesses’ social media accounts is a great way to find inspiration, so spend some time scrolling and start delivering high-quality, reputation-enhancing posts. 

A great way to boost your brand image while attaining plenty of followers is by going down the influencer route. After all, influencing is just a way of promoting! If you want your social media accounts to soar, then have a look at this influencer marketing agency located in Los Angeles

3: Choose Colors that Represent Your Brand 

Colour is memorable, so use that to your advantage. The colors you choose to represent your brand are a reflection of who you are as a company. If you want to come across as strong, capable, and reliable, you should use clean, deep colors such as dark blues, reds, and blacks. If you’re selling children’s clothes, however, then you should use bright, fun colors like yellows, oranges, and greens. 

Don’t go overboard with your color choice – too many will make your brand image less memorable. Instead, try to pick two to three main colors that you will use on your website, in your logo, and in the images you share. 

4: Design an Awesome Logo 

A logo will either stay in people’s minds or not – you’re aiming to stick. That means you must design a logo so awesome that people recognize it after only seeing it once. 

Creating a logo that is too detailed or messy won’t usually stick, so try going for a cleaner, simpler design. If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect one on your own, there are plenty of excellent logo designers you could reach out to.  

5: Create a Catchy Slogan 

Your logo and your slogan go hand in hand. Your slogan will appear under your brand name, so you must come up with the perfect one. 

Think about the biggest companies in the world – they all have slogans that you’ll never forget. If you were to read the words ‘I’m lovin’ it,’ ‘because you’re worth it,’ or ‘just do it,’ then chances are you’ll know the exact brand behind them. That’s what you’re striving for – catchiness! 

6: Post Exciting Images and Videos

You can easily shape people’s perceptions of your brand through images and videos. By posting visual content, you are far more likely to engage the attention of the user, allowing you to make a memorable impact. 

Video, in particular, can really make your brand image shine when utilized correctly. People identify with story-telling content more than anything else, and with a video, you can tell yours. 

7: Release Steady, Quality Content 

No matter how great one post was, you need to keep it going if you want to keep up that image. Posting steady content on your site and social media accounts will keep your brand in people’s minds. 

If you struggle to come up with content ideas, then take an hour or two and jot down whatever comes to mind – scrolling through other’s feeds can also be helpful! Then, once you have cherry-picked the ideas, create the posts and schedule them. This way, you can rest assured your accounts are posting quality content without you needing to lift a finger. 

8: Do Promotions and Giveaways 

People love a good deal, and they especially love a competition! Give your audience a taste of what you have to offer by offering promotions and giveaways. It’ll show that you are willing to give more to your customers, showing your company in a brighter light. 

9: Go Green 

Reducing your carbon footprint is essential for many reasons, one of them being that it creates a better brand image. Many customers don’t even think about buying from certain companies if they aren’t environmentally friendly. So, not only should you reduce your waste and strive for greener practices, but you should also showcase this. 

10: Work Alongside Charities 

People love feeling good about themselves, and a way for them to do that is by buying from an ethical, wholesome brand. A company that actively works alongside charities and gives money to great causes automatically ticks that box! 

By associating your brand with kind causes, people will come to view your brand as kind, too. Plus, it’s a great thing to do! 

11: Always Keep it Friendly 

Friendliness is essential for an excellent brand image. Whenever you speak to customers over the phone, meet with clients, or reply to comments on your social media, keep a friendly tone. 

As long as you are friendly, you can then choose how to present your brand. For example, many companies do well on social media by taking on a funny personality. In contrast, others decide to go down the more professional route – decide which is best for your business. 

12: Sell an Excellent Product 

Above all, to create an excellent brand image, what you’re selling must be excellent! No matter how many great jokes you come up with, how much you give to charity, and how memorable your slogan is, if your product or service is average, then your reputation will be, too.