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5 Advanced SEO Techniques That Will Shoot Your Traffic

With the world relying on the internet, it has become imperative for businesses to have a strong online presence in order to sustain in the competitive world. Hiring a credible SEO company in Delhi would leverage the right techniques and help your organization get the right digital exposure. Below we have highlighted some of the most effective SEO techniques used by experts in the field.

Seamless User Experience Throughout the Website

Google, or any search engine, works to show their customer the best results. And if they end up showing list of low-quality, irrelevant results, search engines would lose their relevancy. Google, today is considered the largest search engine because of the experience it offers its users.

If you combine good keyword research with high-quality content across your website, the probability of ranking high increases significantly. If your website is filled with spammy content, it is only going to increase your bounce rate.  The best SEO company in Delhi would work to ensure that your website is providing a seamless experience to search engine crawlers and users.

Keep it Mobile Friendly.

Presently, having a mobile-friendly website is not merely a technique used by SEO company in Delhi; instead, it has become a requirement. Over half of the internet traffic is generated from mobiles. Moreover, Google prioritizes mobiles during crawling as well as indexing websites. This implies that the spiders will crawl your site as used in a mobile device rather than a computer. Since a majority of people use the internet on their smartphones today, you have to concentrate on the mobile-friendliness of your website.

Implementing Voice Compatibility

Voice searches have become extremely popular over the year. In fact, in the coming times, more than half of the searches will be apparently done by voice. Nobody wants to get into the hassle of typing when they can easily use voice command to facilitate their search.

Along with boosting the users’ experience, it also has a significant impact on your SEO ranking. Voice searchers use search engines different than the text searchers. Whether it is Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, these devices retrieve data from search engine result pages to replay the data from featured snippet box to provide answers.

For instance, when you are using text, you are going to type dog diet whereas if you use voice search, you are probably going to say what do dogs eat? When you optimize your website for voice search, you efficiently target long-tail keywords as well.

Optimise your Website for RankBrain

Over the years, search engines have expanded exponentially. And businesses must be aware of the latest algorithms and SEO practices to gain high search ranking. RankBrain is one of the most important ranking factors of Google.

It is basically an AI system that helps in analysing the search results and help show relevant content. It indicates the spider on how to index the content based on your objective.

Click-Through Rate is the primary factor of RankBrain. In order to optimize the content for this algorithm, the best SEO company in Delhi thin about both SEO strategy and the intended audience.

Backlink Continues to Dominate

We all know the importance of backline in SEO, and they continue to be one of the most important factors that determine your search engine ranking. But the most reliable SEO company in Delhi would only use links that are obtained through good content, outreach program, and influencer marketing.

These are the links that are safe and effective. However, do not brim your website with high-quality links as it may raise red flags. Instead, diversify the backlink profile in which you use high-quality and medium quality backlinks.

Leverage Technical Optimization

Along with direct SEO techniques, the SEO company in Delhi also understand the importance of technical optimisation of your website. Ensure that all technical aspects of your websites have been catered to in a timely manner. This will allow you to get the most of your SEO techniques.

Don’t turn out to be an error page, instead make your website more secure and reliable by switching to HTTPS. Moreover, allow Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP on your website so that your content is displayed efficiently on any mobile device.

Leverage semantic markups to help highlight key information on your website. It tells the spiders what a certain page is all about without having to go through every word.

Shift Your Focus to Topic Clusters

With every passing day, Google is becoming smarter and better. The primary objective of Google’s algorithm is to understand user intention. It works to figure out what users want, what sort of results they are expecting, and what type of results would provide the best answer to their queries. And this is where featured snipped plays a prominent role. Merely keyword-centric content would not help you get in the first place.

Along with choosing the right keywords, you have to concentrate on the context surrounding them. Instead of coming up with various ways users can phrase a query, you should consider what users are looking for in the first place. Organize your content into clusters so that you cover your niche in the most comprehensive manner.

Make Your Content Longer

According to reports, content that is longer has more chances of ranking higher in the search engine result page. However, you should also know that writing a long content of 1000 or 2000 words always is not feasible and necessary. You should mix and match your content structure in a way that you have both short length and long length content.

 There is no definite hack to determine the right length of content other than using your common sense. Consider the answers your audience would be looking for when using particular keywords. And then decide whether or not a 2000 words article is necessary or not.

Above are some of the most important techniques used by companies to rank their websites on top of the search engines.