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5 Clever Hacks For Perfect Clothes Storage

Overflowing storage cabinets, clutter in drawers, inaccessible, and dusty winter clothes make your home look like scrap. And admit it- for most of us (boys), having a well-ordered wardrobe is just a dream.

But not anymore! The optimal clothing storage is not rocket science. Instead, it is the combination of a few simple tips. From storing clothes to shoes – here are five creative ideas to motivate you!!

First – What’s The Need For This?

Clothes are everywhere: in the bedrooms, the bathroom, and even the living room. There are the clothes that we wear every day, those that we reserve for future or more occasional uses. Some delicate items need to be stored carefully, preferably in garment storage bags. And then there are the accessories, which are easily lost, mismatched socks, scarves that mix with belts. In short, by their number, their diversity, the clothes are sometimes complicated to keep in order.

Declutter Your Wardrobe

Beforehand, clearing the storage of the dressing room is essential. Do not wait for the next spring cleaning to check all the contents of your cabinets. If you find clothes in there – examine each of them. Here, we go for a big clutter: take out all the clothes that you haven’t worn for more than a year. Sort your clothes so you can throw away what is out of order.

Help Tip: Why not organize a cloth sale to exchange what is in good condition? Get some plastic garment storage bags and pack all your good stuff. Your friends will be delighted to expand their wardrobe inexpensively, and you will empty your wardrobe a little more. Give away those clothes in the charity that do not find a buyer.

Optimize The Storage Of Your Drawers

In small spaces, it is not always possible to install a dressing room or even a wardrobe. Drawer furniture is, therefore, an interesting solution for storing your clothes. Use the vertical storage folding system offered by the Konmari method. It is simple- carefully fold the tops vertically, sorting them by color. This way, you optimize the space well while enjoying a quick view of all your belongings. Besides, this vertical storage avoids damaging the constantly relegated tops at the bottom of the stack.

Drawer Dividers For Underwear And Accessories

The dividers and drawer organizers are handy storage systems to compartmentalize business such as underwear, accessories, etc. You can also arrange some items like pairs of socks, pretty little boxes or small pots. Thus, you will be finished with the tote drawer, which must always be emptied to find a lost sock. Apart from that, you can use small cotton garment storage bags for dedicates.

Use Different Hangers To Store Dresses And Shirts

In the wardrobe, a classification of clothes by type and size helps to navigate it much more quickly. This is another piece of advice borrowed from the Konmari method! To do this, use the different types of hangers available on the market. They are suitable for specific uses: delicate dresses, shirts, ties, belts, scarves, hooks or anti-slip, etc. Anyway, a large stock is essential because the hangers avoid bending certain pieces, saving space and visibility on your wardrobe. For three-piece or two-piece suits, make use of hanging garment storage bags.

Make Use Of Shelves To Hang In Your Closet

The flexible and narrow shelves adapt to all types of wardrobes and dressing. They are essential when there is a lack of storage space. With them, everything has its place! They are the right solution for keeping the utensils that accompany several types of clothing close at hand: belts, removable hoods, gloves and hats, shoulder pads, etc.

Final Words…..

With these hacks, organizing and storing your clothes becomes more comfortable and maybe even more fun. Do not hesitate to regularly renew the sorting of your clothes to keep closets and dressing rooms in order and functional. And you will see: a tidy wardrobe will give you peace of mind.