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5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Right Now

Are you aware of the immense potential that Facebook marketing has? A successful online business will never ignore Facebook marketing strategies. If they do, they only wrong themselves. Social media forums are extremely powerful tools for marketing. They can bring you more engagement and conversions. And of all of them, Facebook is the giant of the game. It has more than a whopping 2.27 billion monthly active users. If you are an entrepreneur, it would be foolish to ignore such a massive audience. Even if you are active on other social media platforms. It’s just like preferring a dial-up connection over satellite like HughesNet Satellite Internet!

Pertaining to the immense benefits, a number of brands and people are taking advantage of Facebook marketing strategies. At the same time, some common marketing mistakes can cause to be extremely hazardous to your brand’s performance and name. The last thing you need on Facebook is negative publicity. Know that the number of brands, which have messed up Facebook marketing strategies, are countless. If you don’t want to be one of them, you need to avoid these marking mistakes.

5 Marketing Blunders Which You Should Avoid on Facebook

You need to avoid the following mistakes to keep your Facebook marketing strategy smooth and flawless:

  1. Excessive Promotion
  2. Don’t be focused on the ‘Likes’
  3. Incomplete Business Information on the Brand Page
  4. Long Chunks of Text
  5. Not Addressing Negative Feedback

Let’s elaborate on them.

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Excessive Promotion

No one likes to read a long, monotonous story of your brand’s accomplishments. Your endeavors may mean a lot to you. But, you need to understand that the audience on social media is looking for crisp and catchy content. Too much promotion will put them off. You need to offer value to engage them. You should strike the right balance of sharing your achievements with the loyal followers, yet not overdoing it.  If you don’t provide the information or the value that they are looking for, they will instantly move to another page. Work on creating entertaining and inspiring content. Only then, you will be able to engage your audience. Be subtle with your promotional content. Come up with innovative ways to promote your brand. Give your audience a reason to connect with you.

You don’t want to lose the followers that you have earned. So, make sure your content doesn’t become overwhelmingly promotional and boring.

Don’t be focused on the ‘Likes’

Winning ‘Likes’ means a lot. The more likes you get on every post, the better. It means your posts are read and noticed. But, here’s a little change of perspective. You don’t just need likes, you need to win brand advocates. You need them because they will not just like your posts but will share them with their audience. And that too, for free.

It’s a good idea to strategically post your content. Skim through the industry-specific stats regarding engagement. This will give you an insight into the best time and day to post your content when you can achieve more shares. According to a survey, Facebook posts get around 18% more engagement on Thursdays and Fridays.

Incomplete Business Information on the Brand Page

Did you ever experience the disappointment that you feel when you enthusiastically open a brand page with incomplete details? Did you feel they have shared their business information half-heatedly? And how it stopped you from engaging with the brand no matter how much you liked their product or service! You don’t want to do the same with your followers and users. Remember the famous aphorism; ‘the first impression is the last impression’. Work on making a solid and lasting first impression. Give as much information as possible. Mention working hours, contact details, address, URL, and all that may concern them.

Long Chunks of Text

Keep in mind that Facebook users don’t want to read a blog. If they wanted that, they could do so. So, don’t write long, monotonous chunks of text in your posts. They will have a negative effect. Work on writing shorter posts, which are easier to skim through. But, also work on providing all the related information in a concise way. According to a study, posts with a word count around 250 characters get around 60% more shares. It’s time to slash down your word count!

Not Addressing Negative Feedback

Handling negative feedback can be tricky. No matter how good your products, services, or work is, know that negative feedback is an essential part of the Facebook culture. Many brands ignore negative comments thinking that a couple of unpleasing comments won’t do much harm. This is a wrong approach. And if you are deleting the negative comments and blocking those users, that’s an even wrong approach. It will only frustrate your followers and they will vent out their anger on another platform. The best practice is to address the negative comments effectively. Give helpful replies and show your followers that you are genuinely concerned. Admit your faults if any and provide alternate solutions to them. If you deal them right, negative comments can lead you to gain loyal and satisfied customers. For instance, if you claim to be one of the High speed internet providers, and a user complains about lagging speeds on your page, just address it. Send technical help or a make your representative call them. Ignoring it or deleting can lead to losing the customer for good.