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5 Lesser Known Facts About CBD Products

CBD is one of the popular chemical compounds having numerous health benefits. It is used to create CBD vape oil, cosmetics, vape cartridges, gummies, and other products. With the rise in the popularity of cannabidiol, users are getting excited to know more about this fascinating compound.

Besides the public health benefits of CBD, some surprising facts are available that even the most experienced users might not know. The article will give you a look at these lesser-known facts:

Facts of CBD Products

  • CBD Products Can Be Prescribed As Medication

Medical cannabis is correlated with THC. THC is an exhilarating cannabinoid still considered a scheduled drug in most countries. As per recent studies, this cannabinoid can support patients potentially who experience symptoms of certain health conditions, like MS or some adverse effects of chemotherapy. But all cannabis-based medication does not include THC.

While sufficient evidence does not exist to confirm what CBD products can and cannot do, early studies and anecdotal evidence have given enough details for pharmaceutical companies to produce CBD-based medication.

For example, Epidyolex is a popular medical cannabis product that doctors suggest, and it does not consist of any THC. It is a highly purified medicine containing high levels of CBD. Both adults and children with epilepsy can use Epidiolex.

Please remember that you can consume medical cannabis products with CBD only under the recommendation of a medical specialist. It is because such products contain a high CBD content in each dose, surpassing the levels recommended for healthy people.

  • Pets Can Get Benefit From CBD

Like human beings, an endocannabinoid system is present in an animal body.

Research regarding the impact of CBD products on animals and their endocannabinoid system is insufficient, and the available data is often inconclusive. Most evidence is unscientific and is suggested by pet owners or vets who observed an improvement after providing CBD medications to their sick pets who experience anxiety or other disorders.

If, as a pet owner, you want to include CBD in your pet’s diet, ensure to use products that are free from THC. Also, you should buy these products from pet-friendly brands. Several cases of accidental pet poisoning have been reported in countries where the usage of recreational cannabis is legal. Most cases are due to the destructive reaction of THC on animals.

If your pet ever feels anxious or deals with pain or inflammations, you need to consult a vet to make sure if adding CBD to its diet can be beneficial.

  • CBD Deteriorates If Exposed To Sunlight

We all have seen that most CBD oils ready for sale are available in dark bottles. Most of us are not aware of the reason behind this. The dark bottles are not only for attractiveness. These are to protect the oil from direct sunlight.

It is also why everyone is recommended to store their products away from direct sunlight.

CBD is not invulnerable. It deteriorates if exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun. Experts suggest using Amber and black glass bottles to keep the liquid. Doing so will help to prevent the precious liquid from deteriorating.

The UV rays will not cause the products to expire any quicker or become unusable. It will reduce the potency of the CBD product. That is why storing such products in a dark place will be a great idea.

  • Not All CBD Is Same

All CBD products are not similar. First, this cannabinoid derived from high THC cannabis plants is still prohibited in most parts of the world. Only CBD derived from hemp having less than 0.3% THC is allowable in several European countries.

Secondly, cannabinoid products produced from organically grown hemp are generally superior to those prepared using non-organically grown hemp.

Hemp is an absorbent plant, and when cultivated on soil consisting of heavy metals, toxins, or vulnerable to harmful herbicides and pesticides, hemp will clean it up. Products from such hemp will absorb these toxins, become contaminated, and potentially harm human health.

Therefore, it is necessary only to purchase and use products created with certified, organically-grown hemp.

  • CBD Can Be Ready In Labs

Synthetic CBD is a compound that doesn’t originate from hemp or marijuana. It may not be famous yet, but studies on its benefits and uses are in process. Scientists or experts can make synthetic CBD in labs.

Those who think synthetic CBD may be the future of cannabinoid lovers indicate that synthetic CBD will be purer than natural. Extraction of pure CBD from hemp needs several steps that take away the extract from natural hemp components to attain pure CBD. These steps are not required when CBD is made in the lab.

Lastly, experts say that creating CBD in a lab can be more efficient and cheaper if done on a large scale. But some opponents claim that no evidence is available on that, and by creating synthetic CBD, the world is taking away all of the ecological advantages of growing hemp.

  • Safer Buying Practices

If you want to purchase CBD products, the following are some tips that may help you make the best choice:

  1. Purchase American: Domestically generated CBD oil is a safer and more genuine option than imported oils.
  2. Go organic: Certified organic products from reliable brands approved by USDA are less likely to expose the users to pesticides and other harmful components.
  3. Read the product label: Check out every ingredient on the product label. If you fail to recognize any ingredients, tell the supplier what it is or check online. CBD Make sure that products are free from preservatives, thinning agents, or flavorings.

Final Thoughts

Historically and scientifically, cannabinoids are one of the most researched natural compounds. People have been consuming CBD products as a necessary part of their daily lifestyle for more than 10,000 years. As we have listed some lesser-known facts regarding CBD products, more interesting facts will come up in the next few years.