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5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Is Right For Your Business

As a marketer, you make challenging efforts to acquire customers. You send snail mail, cold calling and organize trade shows. But are these efforts effective?  No! In this era of technological advancement, inbound marketing offers new and effective techniques that attract potential customers through relevant and helpful content that adds value to your buyer’s journey. Inbound marketing is a technique that uses many forms of pull marketing- SEO, blogs, social media, content marketing, and events to build brand awareness and attract new business. Inbound marketing enables you to work smarter with your money than traditional outbound marketing.

Here are 5 reasons why inbound marketing is right for your business:


The needs and dilemmas of your audience are different. So there is no solution that can meet all these fluctuating requirements. Inbound marketing helps you offer personalized solutions to your prospects’ problems. Every customer wants to be valued and recognized, and here personalization plays a great role. Inbound marketing targets on building a relationship with customers through customized content. Personalized content engages customers individually and is more relevant than traditional advertising, which was used primarily to build brand awareness.


Every business has an elemental goal i.e. to acquire new customers. While It’s easy enough to determine new customers are significant, attracting and converting them is difficult. With a sound inbound strategy, you can steadily generate leads which outbound marketing cannot do. According to research, customers are more likely to buy from a brand that they follow on social media. Keep creating the content your audience is looking for which will help you increase brand awareness, leads, and sales.

With the advancement of digital marketing, it’s now accessible to reach more customers than ever before. However, the lack of accuracy on most acquisition campaigns will not help you to reach more shoppers who will turn into customers.

Follow these three steps while implementing your paid display acquisition campaign in order to generate new customer sales.

  • The very first step is you need to discover the shoppers who have never purchased from or visited your website. For this, you have to expand your reach beyond your existing customer base and their immediate network. Having access to a large, global pool of online shopper data will help you get more relevant audiences and ultimately convert those into customers.
  • To drive a successful acquisition campaign you need to ensure that your ads only reach those shoppers who are not your customers. Having a large pool of online shoppers you may end up targeting the existing customers which will not help you to generate leads. Know your audience by separating new from existing customers and reaching to those shoppers who are most likely to convert to your product.
  • Adding a personalized touch with beautifully designed product recommendations for each individual shopper in your acquisition campaign is essential to ensure your ads don’t get ignored.

When it comes to budget inbound marketing is far more economical than traditional or outbound marketing. It’s easy to imply that outbound marketing including advertising on television, radio, print, and so on requires a huge amount of money as compared to inbound marketing. Research indicates that businesses relying on inbound marketing tactics have a lower cost per sale as compared to those using outbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing is a non-theoretical and profitable approach though it also includes the cost to create content and SEO, the costs are not as much as traditional marketing. Moreover, many of the content publishing tools you will need for your inbound marketing strategy are inexpensive.


Inbound marketing plays a vital role in creating brand awareness. In a progressively crowded marketplace where businesses are trying to mark and capture an enormous market share, getting recognized is a great concern for many organizations. Having a trusted brand is essential for your company to flourish. If your target audience doesn’t know or trust your brand then how will you ever increase your sales?

Brand awareness is all about what the mind state your ideal clients enter when they come across your company’s name, it helps you to :

  • Build your business’ reputation
  • Promote your business
  • Identify and retain loyal customers
  • Successfully introduce new products or services
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors

Building credibility and trust are mandatory for a successful business. No business can grow unless it earns the trust and support of the customers. If your website lacks credibility then visitors will be hesitant to contact you and you will not be able to convert them into your customers. Credibility is so essential in creating a trustworthy brand that people are not afraid to buy from. Follow the tips below, which help you to boost your web credibility and also to increase conversion.

  • Get your own domain
  • Invest in a quality logo design
  • Have a consistent layout and design
  • Provide valuable content
  • Have multiple contacts
  • Make your website responsive


Inbound marketing may not be the answer to all your marketing efforts but in today’s era of digitization, it absolutely can’t be ignored. Nevertheless, it is important for a business to analyze which marketing strategies work best to get the best possible return.