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7 Things You Should Never Do While Driving on a Highway

Individuals who drive on the highway daily become comfortable with the task. Those who have never experienced a vehicle accident don’t realize that eating while driving or playing loud music in the car poses a hazard to yourself and others who share the road with you.

Everyone plays a role in keeping the roads safe.

The following are seven things you should never do while driving on a highway.

1. Talk on Your Smartphone

Most people know that it’s against the law to talk on their smartphones while they’re driving. That’s why many drivers have adopted hands-free devices that allow them to talk while driving.

If it’s possible, it’s still best to avoid talking on a phone while driving, even with hands-free devices. Sometimes making a call is necessary. You’re lost and need to find an address. Others need to notify someone that they’re running late.

It’s understandable. However, if you need to have a lengthy conversation, it’s best to pull off the highway.

2. Text from Your Smartphone

You can text from a smartphone using voice software. While driving, it’s best to avoid texting, especially if you’re not using the software. When you text, you take your eyes off the road. This causes a hazard for other drivers.

One glance down to type a word is enough to miss seeing that the vehicle in front of you came to an abrupt stop or that the stoplight changed to red. It’s a common way to rear-end the vehicle in front of you. It’s another way that causes serious collisions at intersections.

3. Eat

Eating while driving on the highway is another no-no. With the number of drive-thrus available to drivers, it’s tempting to eat while driving, more so if you’re hungry.

If you eat while driving, you stop placing your hands in the proper position. While you take a bite of your hamburger, taco, or sandwich, you miss the car that got into your blind spot.

While most people can chew while they drive, the hazard comes in if they drop food on their lap, especially if it’s hot or wet.

Those who are very hungry can keep others safe by eating in their vehicle before getting on the road again.

4. Put on Makeup

The ladies have a history of applying their makeup while driving. Many see it as a timesaver. While they wait for the light to turn green, it’s an opportunity to apply their mascara or lipstick.

While driving on the highway, it’s not a good time to reapply lip gloss, face powder, or blush. The same goes for the fellas who wear makeup.

Keep in mind that those involved in an accident because another driver was putting on makeup while driving remains entitled to present their case in court. JT Legal Group possesses several years of personal injury law experience.

5. Have a Heated Conversation with the Passenger

On a long drive, it helps to have a passenger in the car. They help keep you awake and focused. But the passenger should keep the conversations genial.

A common cause of vehicle accidents is the passenger. If they backseat drives or point out an attraction on the road suddenly, it’s a distraction. It can cause the driver to swerve or rear-end another vehicle. While driving, avoid heated conversations.

6. Play Loud Music

Drivers have the freedom to play music in their vehicles. However, it’s best to keep it at a mild volume. Researchers have found that people turn down the radio volume when they’re lost.

It turns out that the brain isn’t great at multitasking. People turn down the radio volume to focus on finding the address. While you’re driving, the music helps you focus. At a high volume, it distracts you.

7. Consume Alcohol

Drivers should never consume alcohol right before getting behind the wheel. They shouldn’t consume it while driving either.

In 2019, over 10,000 individuals lost their lives in drunk driving vehicle accidents.


When you drive on the highway, you’re responsible for your safety and the safety of others. To keep the roads safe for all drivers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians, stay focused on the road. Plus, if you have children, ensure that they develop good driving habits from the beginning too.