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8 Ways To Make A Fashion Statement With Your Outfit

Fashion has always been misunderstood and misperceived. There is more to fashion than larger-than-life clothes and runway shows. Fashion is an art and a form of communication between an individual and society. Everyone’s idea of fashion is prone to variation, and that is what makes it so diverse and rich.

If you wish to make a fashion statement with your outfit, we have listed eight tips to help you crack the code. Let’s get started.

1) Opt for a little white dress

For starters, let us ditch the idea of only wearing white to weddings. Little black dresses get a lot of love and attention. It is time we shift our focus towards the stark end of the spectrum: a little white dress. White is a very versatile color. It looks good on everyone, and it is perfect for all kinds of social settings. It is regal, angelic, and ethereal; what’s not to love about it, right?

A white dress is an essential item that every fashionista needs in her life. It can be worn on its own styled with neutral or colorful accessories, or you can style it with different pieces like cardigans or lyrevojackets. A little white dress never fails to impress, so if you are looking to make a fashion statement, keep it simple yet stunning in a little white dress.

2) Mix and match different styles together

Perhaps the best thing about fashion is its flexibility. There are no strict rules to follow; just wear what you like and find interesting. You have the freedom to pair different styles together and create a unique and customized look every time. If you want to make a fashion statement, do it by mixing and matching different styles together.

Take a classic chiffon dress, for instance. Simple, flirty, and feminine, classic chiffon dress beautifully with a blazer or a cardigan. However, you can try something different with it as well; perhaps an edgy leather biker jacket, an outgoing printed blazer, or a chic kimono. The resulting outfit may seem unusual at first, but it works. Experiment with different pieces and get creative with them.

3) Pair simple and bold pieces together

Styling a simple piece with a bolder one is an excellent way to make a fashion statement. It is a very simple trick, but it always gets the job done. When it comes to statement pieces, the styling options may seem limited, but that is where the real challenge lies. You should dare to be creative with your styling. So, try different pairings. See what works and what does not.

Instead of playing it safe, have a little fun with your outfit and pair it with something different for a change. Take a white button-down shirt, for example. A white dress shirt looks good with literally anything from pants to skirts. Style your white shirt under a printed silk dress, perhaps, or under a sequined tube top.

4) Find new ways to style your everyday garments

A trendy way to make a fashion statement is by styling your everyday garments unconventionally. Break the rules and just do your own thing. Take a scarf, for example. You can wear a scarf as it is, or you can think out of the box and wear it along a strapless top or a make-do skirt by tying it. Similarly, you can style your jacket as a cape by simply draping it over your shoulders. Give your everyday wear an unconventional twist and try different hacks to create new looks.

A valid concern in this regard is not knowing how to go about the matter. Well, it is true; not everyone is gifted with a creative flair. Do not beat yourself up over it; just seek inspiration online. Look up clothing hacks and ideas on Pinterest or favorite influencers. The goal with this tip is to create something unique.

5) Never skip on good sunglasses

Sometimes making a fashion statement is not about clothes but, in fact, all about the accessories. Good accessories can elevate your outfit unlike anything else. Bad accessorizing, on the other hand, can push all your efforts to drain in a heartbeat. Perhaps the most powerful accessory after shoes and jewelry is a pair of sunglasses. Practical and fashionable sunglasses pack on a punch by doing the bare minimum.

Sunglasses are chic, edgy, and bold. They are unapologetically highly fashionable because they look incredible on anyone and everyone. On days when you do not want to spend any time or effort on yourself, just put on a pair of sunglasses and head out. Aside from their aesthetic attributes, they are super practical and useful owing to their sun-protection properties. Want to impress a crowd? Buy sunglasses that complement your face shape and structure.

6) Buy clothes that fit

When setting the right tone with your audience, your clothes reflect a lot about your persona. As per experts, one of the most crucial elements of style is a good garment fit. A well-fitted outfit emulates concern about how you present yourself to the world. On the other hand, an ill-fitted outfit reflects sloppiness, which never sets a good impression on others. What is the point of a stellar outfit if it does not fit well, right?

Nothing makes a better style statement than well-fitted clothes. Make sure to buy garments that fit you well. Take your time with selection and see if they flatter your body the same way they did as you may have anticipated them to do so. Refrain from investing in pieces that do not fit you the way they should or if they do not flatter your physique.

7) Be unique

It can be quite challenging to make a statement if you look the same as everybody else. Blending in with the crowd is great for adjustment and acceptability, but if you wish to stand out in the crown, be unapologetically unique and yourself. With the evolution of fast fashion, it is becoming increasingly tough to stand out and do something different. If you are adamant about achieving your aesthetic goals, go the extra mile to find unique pieces that one would not find elsewhere. Head to thrift stores, sample sales, and small businesses instead of chain retailers.

8) Do not forget about hair and makeup

As mentioned earlier, clothes are not all that you need to make a style statement. Sometimes, it may just be something as integral and simple as your hair and makeup. If your hair and makeup are on point, there is a chance no one would give your outfit even a second glance of concern. If you are looking to make a good impression on others by doing the bare minimum, simply pay more attention to your hair and makeup. Be sure to keep it minimal and simple yet elegant and classy. Every social setting calls for a different hair and makeup protocol so just have fun with it.


Now that we have tried and tested ways to make a style statement, let us discuss the final and most important one: confidence. Confidence is not a garment that you just don. Confidence comes from within you, and it gives you the right mindset to carry yourself with style and class. Your style is yours, and you must be proud of it. Yes, it can be intimidating to try new things, but what is an adventure without some thrill, am I right?

If you are feeling uneasy in an ensemble, reassess and if you are not convinced, ditch it and try something else. However, if even a part of you is convinced, just give it a shot and observe the kind of response you get. If you never try, you never know. Be your best self and flaunt it with sass.