Hiring a Compensation Lawyer

The Advantages of Hiring a Compensation Lawyer

As many as 477,800 workers are injured, and over 2,000 of them die due to work-related reasons. Similarly, people get hurt by other means such as accidents, slips, and falls, etc. There are different forms of non-bodily injury in Australia’s law, like product liability, defamation, etc., known as damages. You can be compensated for all these types of injuries.

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The biggest mistake you can make when seeking compensation is trying to handle it yourself. The labyrinth of paperwork can have you off-track for months and come out of it without a single dollar. Unless you have read the law, it is best to hire experts who know the various personal injury laws to navigate through the case.

The Opposition Will Have Already Hired an Attorney

While you are trying to sort through the maze of legal processes and paperwork, the other side would have an expert attorney working on their defence. Unless you are proficient in the various laws that govern personal injury in Australia, it is best that you, too, hire a lawyer immediately. Consult with expert compensation attorneys about your case.

You Get the “No Win No Fee” Advantage

Several law firms out there offer contingent fee services. It means that you don’t have to pay any upfront fees. Only when you win a settlement, you pay the lawyers a cut from it. The usual rate is anywhere between 30% and 40%. It may seem steep, but you can be assured that the attorneys will work very hard to win as their pay depends on your victory.

Helps with Legal and Insurance Claims

In many cases, it does happen that you need to file an insurance claim alongside a personal injury claim. So, as you are steered through the legal maze, the insurance claim process needs attention. With injuries, you may be unable to handle all these tasks yourself. Your loved ones also may be unable to give it the time or effort required.

Estimate the Right Value of Your Claim

You may undervalue or overvalue your claim. If you underestimate, the other party may gladly settle. If you overestimate, it may be thrown out of court. Estimating the right value is not simple and requires the expertise that a compensation attorney will bring to the table.

Increase the Value of Your Claim

Attorneys have tricks up their sleeves that help increase the value of your claim. For example, they will add a variety of damages to a single claim, therefore increasing your claim’s worth.

For example, tripping and falling in a public place, you can file a public liability claim. Under this claim, you should be compensated for lost wages, expenses for medical treatment and hospitalisation, cost of care at home, and compensation for the pain and suffering it caused you and your loved ones.

Hiring a compensation attorney can be highly advantageous to your case. Not only can they elevate the level of your claim, but they will also handle all the legwork and paperwork. Contact a specialist compensation lawyer today.