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Which APP is Recommendable For Referring to NCERT Solutions

For students, studying from a verified and fullproof source is considered as the most helpful feature in their education. Like the NCERT solutions for example! Aren’t these nearly very helpful for you if you or your child is between 1-12 grade? Yes, these solutions help you to grab the most difficult yet important concepts of different subjects very clearly and easily. However, it is important that when you refer to these NCERT solutions for studying, you are referring to the best educational website or application. And if you ask us which is the best app for referring to the NCERT solutions, we would recommend you try the Extramarks studying app. It is one of the most commonly used educational applications among students in India and abroad. And Extramarks is the best choice to get NCERT solutions because of the following reasons.

  • Created by expert educators – The NCERT solutions available on the Extramarks app are carefully created by the subject teachers who have a lot of experience in their topics. These are also created keeping in mind the CBSE guidelines and conditions hence the students are getting the most verified solutions under this app. You can also stay assured that the answers to the problems are 100% accurate as these are verified by the experts as well. 
  • A systematic form of learning — Another aspect that makes the Extramarks studying app the best reference for NCERT solutions is that it is provided in the application in a very systematic form. This helps you learn the concepts very easily and in a very focused manner. For example, for the answers, you have pointers and bullet forms which makes learning quite easy and you remember the concept for a long as well. The step-by-step instructions and calculative way of solving the problems also lead to better preparation through these solutions in the application.
  • Student support and guide included in the app — Even though the NCERT solutions are provided in very simple language to the students in this application, there might be some pointers that you find a bit difficult to understand. For this case, the Extramarks studying application also provides you with complete support and guidance. There are FAQs and pointers available that clear your doubt instantly while you learn and study the concepts from this application.
  • Helpful for competitive examinations — You might be aware that the NCERT solutions are very helpful for students who are appearing for competitive examinations like NEET or JEE. So, when you are referring to the Extramarks application for these solutions, it will prove very easy and useful for you to ace these competitive examinations. Because of all the above factors, you find it pretty easy to study for the subjects through the NCERT solutions available on this application. 
  • It is totally free of cost — The best reason to consider the Extramarks application for NCERT solutions is that this app is absolutely free for students with no hidden charges or terms and conditions. 

Mock test papers available along with the NCERT solutions

We highly recommend the Extramarks studying application for the NCERT solutions also because it provides you sample test papers after each chapter to practice better through this source. You can also refer to the extra practice questions available in the app along with solving these papers to learn your syllabus better.