Heidi Houston

Aspen Properties: Who To Talk To For Aspen Real Estate Investments

Aspen has become the vacation destination of choice for some of the richest and most popular people in the US. The home of “Billionaire Mountain,” the luxurious real estate area where oil magnate Sid Bass, Walmart heiress Ann Walton Kroenke, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos all have high-valued homes. 

Aspen is also the city chosen by actress Goldie Hawn to live with longtime boyfriend Kurt Russell to raise her kids Oliver and Kate. The actress even became a regular fixture in important events in the city, including opening the new Ralph Lauren Aspen Store at the Aspen Peak, where she was photographed with real estate expert Heidi Houston.

Selling and renting properties has been the life of Heidi Houston for over three decades. While running her local real estate company, Houston decided to join Compass to present her property listings on the premier real estate platform. 

Houston offers some of the most opulent properties in the Aspen real estate market for rent, including the massive 28,286 square feet seven-bedroom property in Ute Avenue that charges $315,000 per month. She also offers a 5,000 square feet townhome located on Aspen Mountain for $85,000. 

Aside from the rental properties, Houston also offers houses for sale in Aspen. One of her most luxurious listings includes the $17,995,000 family home in a private location in Pitkin Green. The home has massive beautiful lawns, several ponds, and waterfalls. 

She also managed to sell the $11,500,000 five-bedroom home in West Aspen, where the new owners have a private chair lift with valuable ski passes.  

Houston’s decision to join Compass can be attributed to the current real estate market changes due to technology. In an interview with Compass Quarterly, Houston shared her belief that the single major game-changer in the industry is the real estate agents’ ability to gather vital information about a property through mobile devices. 

She also mentioned that today’s technology could allow agents to send images or videos of the property to their clients instantly. There are also apps to share the sun direction, altitude, and overall room measurements with just a single click. 

In a separate interview with Western Home Journal, Houston shared that the exterior upgrades of the buildings located in downtown Aspen during the previous years helped boost the city’s investment opportunities. The changes prompted an increase in the price changes in real estate properties after the changes were completed. 

The team led by Heidi Houston is composed of local real estate brokers, highly esteemed assistants, top-notch interior designers, and a photographer. Every team member works together to come up with the best sales presentation to help clients decide which property to purchase in Aspen. 

Houston may be one of the best people who know the ins and outs of the city. Those who want to join the country’s top 1% and other Hollywood celebrities who settled in the luxurious getaway destination may want to talk to the seasoned realtor or her team. They are the best person to ask about which parts of the city can be perfect for investing.