4 Awesome Benefits of Duratrans

The world today is flooded with different advertisements from competing companies and organizations to attract and keep clients. One way of building brand awareness and capturing the customer’s attention is by using graphics. Your signage should have a lasting impact. Illuminated signs can optimize your images and capture details in the graphics. Read on to find more remarkable benefits.

1. Excellent Contrast, Clarity and Sharpness

You will experience excellent image precision and clarity. Blurry pictures are not effective for passing a message across or leaving an impact on people. You need to have the best images to get the job done. The unique and effective manufacturing process will ensure your signs are clear and are not cloudy or muddy. All your promotions and advertisements will be displayed in an eye-catching manner, whether outdoor or indoors.

Duratrans ensures the signage looks terrific from a distance and up close. People should not struggle to read or see what you are trying to display. You have to make it easy for them to grasp the content you are trying to put across. The backlit application will ensure the image sharpness and contrast are on point. So you can display the signage under different lighting and environmental conditions. If your brand’s official colors are very bright, the method will ensure they are not clashing or obstructing the content on display.

2. Attracting People

Bright colors naturally attract people and make them happy. That is why most of the displays on the streets or anywhere else are mostly bright. For one, the images can be seen from far, but it’s also because people cannot resist looking at them. The signage will also appear very beautiful. Ordinary pictures don’t turn heads; people will only stare if it’s something exceptional. Most businesses, even well-established organizations, invest a lot in their physical and digital signs.

To some customers, your signage may be the best part of your business. You need beauty and art in every piece you display to the world. It will attract more people to what you are offering. People will recall your services and products by remembering the signs. But if the display is not beautiful or bright enough to turn heads, it will fail to serve its purpose. Lit-up displays are tough to ignore. All the prospects, customers and passers-by will be looking at them.

3. It Makes Your Signage Stand Out From The Rest

Brand visibility is very crucial in business. People will remember you if they can set you apart, especially in the highly competitive world today. Visual effects, aesthetics and branding should always be included in your signs. You will be more memorable, and it will also boost your sales. The backlit application allows customization of your signage, and it will also deliver high photographic quality.

Going the extra mile will favor your business, you shouldn’t stop at what the rest are doing. Most of the businesses that have achieved success in all aspects had to stand out from the rest. Using quality signage is a great start. Backlit signage will also give you 24/7 advertising that can be seen during the day and at night.

4. You Can Easily Change The Images

Updating signs and displays can be a challenging task depending on the methods you are using. When you use the backlit application, you are free to change the images at any time. Products and services are constantly evolving in the business world. 

That is because the customer’s needs and wants are constantly changing as well. If you make changes to your products and services, you need to communicate them to the public. Updating signage and displays is one way to do that. The backlit application allows you to change images when the need arises.

They are only fixed to a lightbox which can be replaced and removed when you have to. It’s much easier than the traditional sign, where you will have to replace the whole thing if you need to make changes. That is how most businesses stay in constant communication with their customers, especially those that can’t be reached via email. Signage also keeps you relevant in the industry. It’s one way to compete with other organizations, so your displays always have to be up to date.


These four are the main benefits of this display film. They will ensure your signage stands out and give you a chance of reaching a large number of people. Being memorable is an essential factor you have to consider every time you display signs about your business.