Benefits of an ISO 27001 Certification


In 2018, an estimated 6.85 million accounts were hacked per day. It includes both personal and business accounts. For most enterprises today, these alarming figures put compliance documents such as ISO 27001 certification on top of the list of possible cybersecurity protocols.

Why is an ISO 27001 certification needed?

As one of the most coveted certifications on security, the ISO 27001 helps reflect a company’s robustness and highlight how well they can facilitate information security management. As more and more clients strive to become stricter with quality and security compliance, conformity to the standard becomes a bigger deal before winning tenders.

Although IT companies most often use ISO 27001, a lot of other institutions also strictly observe the standard. As today’s tech-driven world makes use of digital platforms for data collection, data protection becomes a must not just in IT-based businesses, but in other fields as well. Making sure that your company complies with this standard will help protect information regarding your company, your employees, and your clients.

Some of the advantages of obtaining an ISO 27001 certification are given below.

Improved Security

It is obvious, but still worth mentioning. As a highly recognised standard framework, ISO 27001 improves data security management. From the moment your team drafts the standard to its approval, and then to its implementation, ISO 27001 will let you understand what needs to be done and become updated with the latest technology in security and digital defence.

Employees become more aware of the protocol and understand what is performed well and what needs change as the standard is written and introduced.


Well-thought Processes and Strategies

As you and your employees begin to understand what your company needs, you start formulating strategies as a result. You may not even be aware that you are doing so, but since you are more aware of compliance with the rules, you begin to establish processes for developing a certain operation.

Continuous Growth and Improvement

As a result of the formulation of processes and strategies, you and your employees begin creating a culture of continual improvement. As you strive to stay updated with whatever changes are happening in technology, so does your business. This trend does not stop there. As you secure an ISO 27001 certification and implement the standard, you will be able to keep up and meet new requirements as they come.

Mark of Quality

Because ISO 27001 is internationally recognised, getting a certification for your company is a big deal. It spells reputation and credibility, and it most especially means that customers can trust your business and whatever you promise during the tender stage.

Improved Client Relationship

Securing an ISO 27001 certification could either help a company acquire new clients or retain existing ones. And both of these have equal importance.

When your company bids for a contract, tender stages could take as long as a few months. Having an ISO 27001 certification could speed up that process as it shows how well the company can handle security management.

Reduced Fines and Losses

Improved information security systems mean fewer chances of nonconformance. As your company complies with ISO 27001, you continue to implement and follow procedures approved worldwide. This way, you get to minimise the occurrences of noncompliance, which could result in the company being fined or, worse, losing its reputation.

It is crucial to understand what ISO certification can do for your business. As a business owner, the standard could serve as a pathway where you and your business could grow and become more successful.