bent rim repair

Things To Know About Bent Steel Rim or Alloy Rim Repair

Just like our legs take the complete load of our human body on themselves, wheels and tyres are very important parts of a car or any vehicle.

The complete load and strength of the vehicle depends upon how rigid and perfect its wheels and tyres are!

The car wheel itself is an assembly of a disc and a rim, both is press fit together and then welded and then dynamically balanced to give a smooth ride to the people.

And to maintain vehicle fuel per litre average, we usually maintain air pressure of 30-35 PSI in the tyres.

But every component in a vehicle is subjected to wear and tear, and so are its rims and tyres.

While it is easy and cost effective to replace the tyres when they wear out, as they are easily available. But you may find yourself in trouble when it comes to the rims.

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What Causes a Bent Rim?

Every component has an estimated life, subjected to the ideal conditions of usage.

The rims are also supposed to run almost 10-12 years of usage without any balancing or bending problem. But that is subjected to ideal condition of road, which is not perfect always.

The rims had to go through different types of terrains, potholes, speed bumps and other various road blocks.

Although rims are made of steel, aluminium alloy or chrome plated, these harsh conditions can easily bent rim or disturb its balancing.

Disadvantages Of A Bent Rim

Driving a car with bent rims can damage tyres, or lower air pressure in them, which will impact car fuel economy and handling will be impacted. On high speeds, the tyre may also blow up. The vehicle may lose its stability and may wobble at average speeds.

So it is very important to check rims and get them repaired.

Problem In Car With Bent Rims

Well, the common problems that are faced while driving a car with bent rims include :

  1. Vibrations
  2. Poor handling of the steering
  3. Lower fuel economy
  4. Bumpy ride

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Bent Rim Repair or Replace

Now this is a very common question. Should I go for repair or get it replaced?

We do not, infact cannot replace anything and everytime which is prone to damage due to uncontrollable factors.

We cannot control the road and terrain conditions where we have to drive. So everytime replacement is not recommended because that is not pocket friendly option.

And now a days, there are lot of mechanics available with advance tools and techniques that can repair the bent rim with perfection.

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Cost of Bent Rim & Alloy Wheel Repair

The average cost of repairing a steel bent rim is $200 – $250. But if the car has aluminium alloy wheels, this may go upto $400.

Usually, the exact metallurgy of aluminium alloy wheels is not known. So whenever there is crack in the alloy wheel rim, it is recommended to replace it with new one or with a “take-off” rim.

There are lot of sellers and buyers available on eBay or other online websites for the same.

Protecting The New/Repaired Rims And Wheels From Damage

Prevention is better than cure!

And this follows for alloy wheels and rims too. It is advisable to install RimBlades and RimSavers to prevent any serious damage to the alloy wheels.

They may not be able to prevent bent rim, but other damages from potholes and speed bumps will be prevented.

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