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6 Best Cities To Visit While in Croatia : Read to Know

Have you ever wanted to visit Croatia? Well, hold to that thought. Who wouldn’t want to do that? Worry no more as this article will take care of you as it covers some of the best cities you should set your foot in while in Croatia. The country lives up to be more amazing with a variety of astounding cities living you spoiled for choice. Being in the cities make the visitors just a stone throw away from the stunning natural coastlines, parklands, and mountains that almost hugs the cities.

The following are some of the best cities to visit while in Croatia

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1. Zadar

Located on the Dalmatian coastline, on a small peninsula. It’s a lively city with a blend of the old and new. It’s steeped in history and has shaped the Romans and Venetians. Moving around Zadar is a peaceful strive as it consists of the Roman ruins, around 34 old churches and a surplus of historic buildings. The place is reinvigorated, and life brought into it by the vibrant cafes and pubs that are scattered almost in every corner. Its major attractions are the innovative architectural installations such as the Sun Salutation and Sea Organ.
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2. Dubrovnik

It’s the Pearl of Adriatic and once here, head to the old town and have a glimpse of ancient city walls with exposed harbor and brick buildings. For the explorers, getting to Korcula Island via a small boat to wish the day away exploring its seafood restaurants and turquoise coves offers the best treatment. For great adventurers, then zipping across the islands via hired bikes will make you not regret.

3. Split

It’s the 2nd largest city in Croatia with abundant charm and elegance making it a fantastic place to tour. It’s located on the Adriatic coast with lines of palm trees, a spectacular place to walk. The Diocletian’s Palace remains to make a highlight for Split. It’s not just a place to tour, but a home to many with surfeit excellent restaurants and bars dotting the side street.

4. Varazdin

This is former Croatia’s capital. It has beautiful ornamental buildings that are lavish. Some palaces also dot the city. Exploring the old town is the last thing one will regret due to its delightful nature, beautiful museums and churches. It has a lively student body that sets an ambiance on the streets with a youthful feel.

5. Pula

A coastal city located close to the Istrian peninsula makes it a great first stop. For the history lovers, one has to see the gorgeous amphitheater. Popping into the Temple of Augustus will be a yes once you see the Gate of Hercules. It has spectacular beaches for those who like sitting back and relaxing with the Brijuni islands next to this great city.

6. Rijeka

Third largest city in Croatia, shelled on Adriatic coast, with the most important seaport. For tasty treats, popping over the promenade and viewing last glimmers of the sun over a drink is magnificent. It has numerous museums such as Tsart Castle to explore. If you love shopping, then pay a visit to Korzo, it has countless little shops with thrifty goodies to back home with.
Croatia has some of the above mentioned best cities that have unspoiled nature, architectural marvels that are priceless and dynamic cultural scene that can be enjoyed in all seasons. The country has captivating cities, and Croatia property is also good for those eager to invest. Visiting the cities depends on your interests and tastes, but there is no doubt that it has everything you could ask for.