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Best Email Hosting Providers and their Properties

An email system is the backbone of the communication in any organization irrespective of its size. No matter how small the company is in size, they would be careful about the confidential data and would not let it harm at any cost. So every organization looks for the best option in the list of email service provider. Your email should suit your employer name, or it should have the domain name in its address to identify it.


Selecting an email hosting service is same as choosing a space to keep all the crucial information of the company. It is common to see that mostly organizations keep a common email address which is related to the company’s name. All the communication established through the transfer of email from one person to another within the employer. In this interface, a lot of confidential data shared within the company. Now, the security of your email hosting provider comes in the picture. If the email hosting provider is keeping the sensitive files safe, then you may select it. Selecting for a free email hosting provider is not appropriate for a company as it may result in leaking a lot of confidential information.


Looking for suitable pricing implies to exploring the different services of email hosting providers. These days plenty of options are available in the market; in that case, one should not easily believe in any choice. It will always be beneficial to check for other options and then decide one reliable hosting vendor. Pricing should also be compared as per the services provided by the hosting provider. Some services providers offer great scheme and plan. Explore those options could also be a beneficial idea where some good options can be select in less money.

Email Hosting Provider Features

Some essential features are provided by all email hosting providers, but we do not know about them. Having a basic know how of them helps in making a right choice while opting for a hosting provider.


Hosting provider would have their customer support which shall be available to answer your entire query. You don’t require hiring your staff to tackle the problem related to email.

Security Features

This is another crucial feature taken care of by any best hosting provider where all the emails will be in security and only the receiving person would know the information. This feature also protects the mails from all viruses, which can cause data loss. The spam folder is the least active under this feature.


This parameter is required your attention. Size of an email is provided as per the employer’s requirement. Most email providers avail adequate storage. Email providers generally offer a minimum of 2 GB space per user. Now it depends on the email frequency, how frequently an organization use email communication. If the communication is higher than more space would require otherwise, the provided space is manageable.


Another essential thing in term of data is an attachment. File attachment is an essential feature of an email. This allows transferring the different type of files from one user to another within the organization. Generally, providers let you send an email or attachment that is at least 25 MB in size.


It is not possible for the business people to take a backseat and monitors all the employees’ productivity. However, keeping an eye on the work productivity daily is very important so that communication can be established. There should be the accessibility of calendar, office event, and contacts to each individual in the organization.


Interface is another vital feature in the list to be the best email service provider. In an organization where the people are so much busy into other things, making the user interface of email easy would be a relief. If the interface is somewhere close to complicated, then it may lead to confusion and email communication may go wrong. Through this point, it is important to check the interface before taking the services.


As an organization, you would have an objective of continues to grow and expand in coming time. So with this vision, you would require a different update with the software and services you are using. It is necessary to check whether the service provider able to upgrade their facilities for two years from now as per the employer’s requirement. Like, in the current time, organization doesn’t require VPS services. However, it would require after two years. So, the services providers should be able to adapt the need of the employers and enhance their system.

Email Hosting Providers in India

There are many email hosting service providers in India that are offering various services and features under different plans. Let us have a look at best email hosting providers in India :

1. Hostgator India

  • 5GB Email Storage
  • Inbuilt Virus Protection
  • Intuitive and Responsive Design
  • Calendars and Contacts
  • Strong Spam Filters
  • 99.98% Uptime and Security
  • Current price is Rs 348 for 12 months for 1 email account.

2. Bluehost India

  • Emails and Calendars
  • 15 GB Email Storage
  • Microsoft Outlook Web Access
  • Custom email for your domain
  • Automatic Microsoft Updates
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Microsoft 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Current price is Rs 225.88 per license per month.

3. Godaddy

  • Email that matches your domain
  • 10 GB of email storage
  • Mobile-friendly webmail
  • Calendar, contacts and tasks
  • Works with the email app of your choice.
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Ad-free email
  • 24/7 award-winning support
  • Current price is Rs 27 per month per account.

4. Bigrock

  • Host One Website
  • 20 GB Space
  • 100 GB Transfer
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • 5 Email(s)
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Spam free
  • 24×7 Support
  • Current price is Rs 29 per month per account

5. Milesweb

  • Host 1 Website
  • No Free Domain
  • 1GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Website Builder
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 3 MySQL DB’s
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • Current price is Rs 40 per month per account for 3 years.

“Please note that the plans and features are subject to change as per company decision. The details shared are true until not changed.”

Every feature that is discussed so far in the post is inevitable while searching for a capable email services provider. One should go through with nice research that is observing all the critical features and then select one option. The options must be reliable and durable, and most importantly, it can adapt your organizational need. At the beginning, every step to get a best email hosting provider would be a little skeptical so spent good amount of time and make a note of best options available. After getting options, sort one through your entire requirement and enjoy your work.