Best Online Video Editors to Make Gaming Videos

If you are a gamer and want to edit your gaming video, you have come to the right place. This article will help you find some of the best game video editing programs that you can use to enhance the original screen of your game and make it attractive to your audience.

Most players who love to play games inside the room now want to showcase their games as videos. Are you a frequent visitor to sites such as YouTube? Then you may see videos showing the progress of the games? If you love games and need to show people your best side, you need the best online video editor.

This guide introduces some of the finest audio-visual editing prohrams for editing games. Now let us enter the list.

1. InVideo 

InVideo is one of the best editing platforms, and you can edit videos in your browser with just a few clicks. This video editing software is one of the best because it has lots of features and they are easy to use. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced video artist, you can use this editing software to perfect your video.

To edit game videos, you can use both options like the text to video and blank template options. InVideo also has a library of more than 2,500 pre-made, customizable templates that you can use in your projects.

2. EaseUSVideo Editor 

It is an excellent video editor for most purposes and an excellent game editing software for creating the best and latest gaming video. Its comprehensive tools allow you to easily make your game videos more attractive, professional, and overall smooth. The software has many functions that can use to enhance game videos. There are listed some of them here so that you can understand their functions.

You can import game videos in almost any format. Even add beautiful titles to your videos. And add a voice-over to the video. 

3. Lightworks

Lightworks may be a skilled video editor used on several of the best films in the history of cinema. Nowadays, many and more gamers edit the videos of games with the progressive tools of editing.

Once you are editing the gaming videos, you’ll apply different special effects and then trim, and cut, amend the rate of the frame, and you can perform many editing tricks to your videos. After editing, save the sports video in the desired format and transfer it to different platforms of social media platforms like for example- YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

It provides cutting-edge and basic editing tools. The editing tool has a meek and in-built user interface that supports various formats of files. It even promotes high-definition resolution. The main disadvantage is that it does not have 3D video editing tools. It is unable to adjust the video speed.

4. WindowLive Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker calls itself “Movie Maker, ” which is true, but this usually means editing gaming videos for gamers. In addition, WMM provides most of the standard features like other video game editing programs. It is used to edit gaming videos by combining music, pictures, and videos.

The software allows you to compress, reduce, cut, and edit movies. It is considered very easy to use, even for inexperienced video creators.

The main feature of this tool is that it is extensive. You can add titles and transitions With the AutoMovie function, with preset editing styles for automatically creating videos. It is free and supports popular multimedia formats. 

5. AVS Video Editor 

It is yet another video editor that can provide most or all of the work done by other gaming editors. You can edit, create videos with various visual and sound effects. The tool offers special attention to video quality and appropriate levels.

It provides a user-friendly control panel. Its audio and video conversion function solves the problem of converting files into different formats and burning DVDs.

6. Blender 

This in-game video editing software is particularly popular with gamers due to its “hybrid” effects such as animation, modeling, and simulation. In short, Blender has all the features of the video editors in this list and some unique features.

This software allows you to perform basic operations such as video stitching and more complex and complex tasks such as video shielding. It provides audio and special effects.

The main features are Video and Audio mixing requests. It is freely available, and you get a customizable program interface. The only disadvantage it has is that it may be difficult for beginners.

7. Powder 

The powder is up till now the best video game apps not to be missed on the iPhone. It permits you to trim video clips, crop the center of the footage so that you work with the best shot, add different visual effects, or even you can add music to the footage for some seconds.

In addition, it enables you to record clips of the game on the iPhone. After editing, post the video game clip directly to Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. The tool is easy to operate and even free.

It allows recording game videos before editing. It even allows importing the videos from Camera Roll, Xbox, and PC. You need an iOS 12. or higher processor to edit videos.

8. YouCut

It is the best online editor where you can edit gaming videos. The good thing is that the app does not give a watermark, even in the free version. You have a number of transitions and features that you can apply during editing the video. The editing tool is easy to perform the editing. 


If you are stepping into the world of gaming for the first time and find it exhausting to seek out the proper editor for gaming video for the gameplays, then the above list is the best way to assist you with the choice that you make. You may learn about new software that can help you to edit unique videos. We tend to hope this list assists you in deciding which software you will prefer to edit videos of gaming.