Games For Kids

Know about Best Brain Training Games For Kids

Kids’ brain is very sharp and has more accepting capability than the adults. They see the world with more attention and focus as they find new learning in most of the objects around them. They are creative, born explorer and engineers. Therefore, it is our duty, being the adults to give the right food to their mind’s hunger for activity. Here we have enlisted some of the games that you can easily afford for your children and help them in exploring full potential of their brain. Brain training can be done for kids without even practically letting them know about it.

Games For Kids

The Jigsaw Puzzles

People often believe that there is a right age for their children to start solving the puzzles. However, that is not the reality. Children as young as 1.5 years old are capable of solving the puzzles. Therefore, you should not wait before you introduce your children to some interesting game of puzzles. It helps in enhancing the hand-eye coordination as well as boosting the mind’s ability to do logical reasoning.

They realize the fun element and sense of achievement by joining the jigsaw puzzles that helps in boosting their confidence and self esteem.

Mix and match

You can use alphabets, words and the pictures. Mix them up randomly and ask the child to arrange the right alphabet or word against the matching picture. This simple game is easy to manage by using cuttings and writings from newspapers and magazines. You can even buy flashcards and use them for enhancing the interest of your child into such games. This will help in augmenting the word recognition abilities and retaining power of mind.

Toy hunt/ treasure hunt

Another interesting fun game for brain training of the kids is toy hunt or treasure hunt in the toy room or playing area.
It can be really simple to organize. Use some flashcards and relevant objects. Show the flash cards to the child and ask him to find the object which you have already hidden in the specified area. Since it is the game for small children, you may have to tell them the hints of location precisely. If you are indulging bigger kids in the game, you can choose the area as per choice.

This game will help in increasing the object recognition and identification abilities as well as leading to better cognitive development of the child.

Board games

The popular board games such as LUDO, Snakes and Ladders, Business, Chess etc are some of the favourites of every child among indoor games. Children learn the skills of numbers such as addition and also learn to have patience with these games. They wait for their turn and carefully watch the steps of other players in the game. These are the great lessons of life that are very easily imparted to the children through these games.

Musical numbers

You need some flashcards and the objects belonging to them in quantities 1 to 10. Now you have to arrange the objects in separate quantities in a circle or straight line pattern.

When the music plays the child has to circle around the objects.

Stop the music and draw a number card. Ask your child to stand beside the number that he has to find. This is a great way to enhance the number skills and identification among children through brain training.