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Brand Marketing to Target Millennials: What Do You Need in Your Arsenal?

Millennials have evolved from teens with cameras to the workforce’s most significant demographic. They’ve also reached the pinnacle of their purchasing power as consumers, and because more than 50% of them are in managerial roles, they’re also becoming B2B business leaders.

If marketers and branding agency services want to maintain millennials as devoted consumers, they need to find ways to capture and hold their attention. To help you appeal to millennials, we’ve compiled a list of tried-and-true strategies.

1. Appeal to the Needs and Desires of Millennials

To successfully sell your product or service to any specific age group, you must first understand what sets them apart.

Fortunately, millennials are by far the most researched generation. Hence there is a plethora of information accessible about this generation. You can create innovative messaging for millennial marketing using this data.

Start by conducting in-depth consumer research to uncover millennial insights relevant to your particular company niche so that you may tailor your message to different target demographics. However, when marketing to millennials, there are certain well-researched realities that you may utilize as a starting point.

Millennials are usually more educated than previous generations, yet they have less money accumulated at the same age. Therefore, you may reasonably assume that millennials do not get as much discretionary cash as their elders. Still, they make purchases based on research and their own values and priorities.

2. Make Mobile Interaction a Priority When Marketing to Millennials

One aspect about millennials hasn’t changed as they’ve grown older: they’re addicted to their cellphones. Smartphone ownership is higher among millennials than among any previous generation. Almost 25% of the millennial generation spend a total of 5 hours per day on their phones, and 25% of them check their phones over 100 times each day.

Since it’s reasonable to anticipate that millennial consumers will connect with your business via mobile devices, be sure to emphasize a mobile-friendly user experience across all audience touchpoints. This means focusing on things such as:

  • Landing pages on the website
  • Use of social media
  • Advertising on search and display engines
  • Prioritizing advertisements built for mobiles, such as in-app advertisements, Instagram stories ads, or Google’s video discovery ads, when deciding where to spend your money.

3. Engage on Social Media in a Proactive Manner

Social media is a vital marketing platform for virtually every age, especially when advertising to millennials. Take a look at these numbers to see why:

If they are appropriately treated through customer-centric experiences, 60% of millennials say they will remain loyal to the companies they presently purchase.

Around 90.4 % of millennials use social media. Hence, your social media approach can focus on posting helpful information and encouraging sales when marketing to millennials.

Reputed branding agency services play an active role in engaging your audience by staying up to date on what matters most to them and then customizing your brand communications to their specific interests.

4. Encourage the Creation of Consumer-Generated Content

Millennials, unlike the boomer generation, are more inclined to trust customer-generated data. They examine everything when forming an opinion, whether it’s a progress report, a review, or a blog article.

Instead of believing the experts, someone choosing a specific shade of lipstick would likely look to the opinions and reviews of other consumers.