How Can Caffeine Boost Your Productivity?

Many people drink coffee on a regular basis. It has become a part of everyone’s daily ritual. People find coffee useful in providing them with energy to get through a tough day. Statistically, more than 50 percent of Americans (18 years and above) drink coffee on a daily basis. Coffee consists of an ingredient called caffeine which is powerful stuff. It directly impacts the energy level in the body. It increases the brain’s focus and activity. This helps people in concentrating their work and increasing productivity. Caffeine is an addictive drug, hence drinking it daily can have adverse effects on your body. Efficiently managing its intake will make you more productive and efficient. Some of the tips that are helpful in effective caffeine management are :

Choose the right coffee beans

Just because a particular coffee variety tastes stronger doesn’t mean that it has a high caffeine quantity. The degree of roast doesn’t change the amount of caffeine in coffee. A wide variety of organically grown roasts are available in the market that have less quantity of caffeine. These beans aren’t mixed with any other coffee beans and thus are better in quality. you can also buy coffee pods as they are a good combination of taste and health. These pods are biodegradable, easily disposable, and contribute towards the reduction of carbon footprint

Follow a coffee drinking routine

Drink coffee over a longer period of time. This releases caffeine steadily into your body, which helps it in sustaining energy levels for longer durations. Since caffeine stimulates body energy, drinking it late in the day can spoil your sleep schedule. Thus, abstain from drinking coffee after 2 pm. If you still wish to drink coffee in the evening, keep it limited to a cup of decaf. Also, never drink more than one cup of coffee at a time. Give caffeine enough time to start working in your body. Try to maintain a balance between the risk and benefits of taking caffeine.

Drink it with healthy food

Consuming caffeine on an empty stomach increases the production of hydrochloric acid production. With just coffee in your stomach, this acid can damage the inner lining of the stomach. Thus it is important to pair it with breakfast or snacks while having one. Pairing caffeine with healthy fat helps in slowing the increase in blood sugar. Have breakfast with your morning coffee or take fruits with it during a coffee break in your office. This ensures that your stomach remains healthy.

Drink water first

Drinking water in the morning hydrates your body and increases the energy level. Taking a glass full of water is also good for body metabolism. You might not even feel the need to drink coffee. If you feel lethargic later in the day, then you can always drink a cup of your favorite coffee.

Drink caffeine before workout

Caffeine also helps in boosting your physical and athletic performance. A cup of coffee can help you in making your workouts effective. Even if you are a non-athlete, a cup of coffee before exercising can keep you motivated to finish your entire workout schedule.

Drink caffeine in limited quantities

Long-term intake of large caffeine quantities can have some negative effects on your health. It can turn into an addiction and you might become dependent on it. There are chances that you might also suffer withdrawal symptoms if you plan to leave it. Thus, you should balance the pros and cons associated with caffeine consumption. Consuming small quantities of caffeine over time is the best way to consume it. If at any instance you feel that your body is getting sensitive to caffeine intake, you must clue your doctor. Giving up caffeine at this instance will help you in leading a better quality of life.

It is important to take caffeine in moderation to keep the best of your health. You can switch to other alternatives like coffee pods, green tea extracts, green coffee bean extract, etc. for more natural energy boosters. Even if you take a drink consisting of  caffeine that isn’t coffee, it should do the trick. Try the technique which works best for you. At the end of the day, your health is what matters the most.