solar air conditioner cost

Calculating the Cost of Installing a Solar Air Conditioner

Each household receives an electricity bill amounting to about $2000 each year. What if there is a way you can retain this money in your pocket instead of paying electricity bills? With AC accounting for almost 43% of the bill, any effort to cut down on electricity expenditure is welcome. The installation of a solar air conditioning system is, therefore, a welcome development for residential as well as commercial premises.

The decision to install a solar air conditioning system comes at a cost. In fact, many homeowners have weighed the cost of installing an AC system against the long term price of traditional electricity. By counting the cost, you plan your finances well and discover ways of guaranteeing value for money.

Solar AC Market

The solar AC sector has appliances and systems for all budgets. Manufacturers have also provided different types of appliances and equipment based on your energy needs.

Diversity in customer needs when installing solar AC systems makes it difficult to quote a singular installation figure. Installation companies will provide a customized package that reflects the specific elements like quantity, size of appliance, the brand, and technology used, among other factors that determine the specification of your AC unit.

The Cost of Solar AC Installation

Like indicated above, no two solar AC systems are similar. The systems differ in size, components used, technology applied, and aesthetics, among other factors. These elements that make systems different also affect the eventual cost.

To ease financial planning and ascertain the value for money proposition when installing a solar air conditioning system, here are several factors that should guide you.

Size of Your Solar Air Conditioner

The cost of installing a solar AC system largely depends on the size. Naturally, a large structure will be more expensive when all factors are held constant. The high cost results from the number of materials like wires and panels to be used during installation. Further, more technicians will be required to complete the work or the few technicians available will have to work longer hours.

There is another aspect of the size of the solar AC is the capacity of the appliances and equipment to be used. Large AC units require higher capacity equipment like panels and inverters. The increase in size, therefore, results in more expenses- a factor that will be compensated by increased power production. It means that the solar air conditioner cost of a large unit will naturally be higher than that of a smaller one.

Technology You Intend to Use

Solar technology is changing by the day. New equipment, appliances, and designs are released to the market with features that improve efficiency, power production, storage capability, and even the ability to function under tough weather conditions. The new technology is always more expensive than the older and less efficient one.

Tapping into the new technology is always advisable for solar air conditioner users because it comes with increased efficiency. It is also easier to upgrade in the future as you adapt to the new features introduced to the market. The level of technology is an investment that will have a direct impact on the quality of power you get from your AC system.

Brand Preference

Customers are at liberty to choose one brand over the other. While different brands may offer the same features or capability, individuals have preferences that are usually based on past encounters and experiences with other appliances. If you have a preferred brand, you will have to pay the price quoted.

Some brands may be compatible with other systems that are connected to your solar AC system. In other cases, equipment by a particular brand could be durable or easy to maintain. It means greater long term value for money. Such preferences come at a cost that you must be willing to pay.

Design Features

What features have you chosen to include in your AC system? You may have a solar air conditioner Indonesia that uses power directly from the panel. In other cases, the system is designed with storage batteries. Other systems are connected to switch naturally between the grid and solar power based on availability of power.

Each of the features mentioned comes at a price because it will require particular equipment and technician skills. The best design is one that guarantees efficiency, meets your power needs, and offers long term value for money.

Contractor Hired

Contractors charge differently for installation of solar AC. The charges will depend on their experience, special skills, work environment, and intensity of engagement, among other factors. Some companies supply the appliances alongside installation technicians, making the package cheaper. While hiring a professional company may appear expensive, it is an investment that guarantees long term value through a stress-free system.

It is impossible to give a singular figure for the cost of installing a solar AC system. However, the peripheral factors will give a clear picture and help you to get a more reasonable quotation. Whatever the cost, ensure that the components captured guarantee the best value for money in the long term.