Cross-Province Moving

My Cross-Province Moving During The Pandemic

I was planning to move from Ontario to British Columbia, I had been thinking about it for many years. When Covid-19 started spreading across the world in 2019, I continued to explore the job market in another province and started gathering information about lifestyles in different cities in BC. When it all started in China, I could not even think how dramatic it would turn out and how large the scale of the pandemic would be.

Those were unprecedented times. I had a lot of mixed feelings. On the one hand, I thought it was safer to put off the trip until things got better. On the other hand, the newspaper headlines were warning us each day that no one could predict how long it would last. 

I started thinking about some moving across Canada tips during this worldwide upheaval. The task seemed overwhelming, but I just wanted to ensure the relocation would go safely. 

Reducing Stress First

The first thing I focused on was my mental health. I did a few things to reduce the level of anxiety. I limited my exposure to the media because the news about the global panic made me very anxious. I started going to bed early and I walked for at least half an hour each day. I took the advice from my doctor and reduced carbohydrates and sugars in my meals because that stuff made me tired. During my walking, I took breaks to do some breathing practices. It helped me to reduce body tension, concentrate and be more productive.

Advance Planning

I thought that in a time of great uncertainty it is not a very good idea to rush. I took a notebook and started writing everything that came to my mind about moving, all my thoughts and ideas. Later, I structured this information into different thematic lists. What I take and what I leave, how I sell the house, where I will live temporarily, which cross province movers I hire. I recommend checking Quora or BlogTO as a very useful source of news and details about relocations.

Ensuring Safety For Myself

Luckily, cross country movers Canada were considered essential businesses and Canada moving services were operating in all provinces. I contacted some across Canada moving companies and found out that all of them were following federal and local requirements for social distancing and sanitizing. In order to avoid contact with people.

I ordered moving boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape online. There was a delay in receiving the moving supplies everywhere across Ontario because of the coronavirus limitations, so I made an order well in advance. I stocked up on disinfectants and sanitizers as well.

When I arrived in BC, I left everything unpacked for at least one day, because the studies showed that the virus can stay on cardboard for up to 24 hours. 

Ensuring Safety For Others

After my boxes and my furniture were loaded to the moving truck, I took my time to make my house safe for all. My house was going on sale and I thought  it would be a good idea If I clean and disinfect all the surfaces. I washed the floors with disinfectants and cleaned kitchen cupboards and countertops. Baseboards, doorknob, and light switches also received their portion of sanitizing cleaners. When I got to my new home in Kelowna, I did the same with all the surfaces there.

After all, my thinking is that the best way to move across Canada is when you do everything step by step and get the help of professional movers. I consulted with people in the industry and I talked to friends who already had a moving experience, so I was very well equipped with advice.