Top 5 High-Potential Cryptocurrencies With High Market Capitalization in 2023

The cryptocurrency market is growing at a great speed. Now there are many cryptos and a lot of them come with a bright future in the market. Tether is one such crypto coin that is stable. However, few show excellent results such as Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, etc. 

If you are getting started in the crypto world, then are various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin to look out for. To aid you in making your decision regarding crypto investment, here are the top 5 cryptos as per their market capitalization that look promising.


  • It has a market cap of more than $882 billion
  • Bitcoin is known to be the original crypto that is here since 2009.
  • This cryptocurrency runs on the blockchain.
  • It is a popular cryptocurrency. 
  • It comes with lower fee charges compared to conventional payment methods.
  • A decentralized system operates it.
  • Bitcoin is never backed by a bank or government.
  • It is also safe and secure from fraudsters as additions to any distributed ledger need verification by solving some cryptographic puzzle. Such a process is called proof of work. 
  • Bitcoin’s price has increased hugely. 
  • Back in 2016, one could purchase it for almost $500. But now, a Bitcoin costs more than $46000. 
  • This growth is of nearly 9200 %.
  • Bitcoin in the next 50 years will be promising


  • The market cap of Ethereum is more than $447 billion.
  • It is also a popular blockchain platform.
  • Due to its possible apps like NFTs and smart contracts which execute automatically when conditions are fulfilled, this crypto is many program developers’ favorite.
  • This cryptocurrency too has experienced huge growth.
  • From 2016-2002, the price of Ethereum increased from nearly $11 to more than $3700.
  • It increased to more than 33,500 %.
  • After Bitcoin, it is that cryptocurrency that is ruling the market of cryptocurrency.
  • It has a high potential of outgrowing Bitcoin in the future. Ethereum is dominating every financial payment and transaction in every sector. 
  • According to experts, it is one of the best cryptos to invest in this year.
  • Investors are relying on it to obtain great results.

Binance Coin

  • It has a market cap of more than $86 billion.
  • People can use it for trading and paying fees on one of the greatest cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide known as Binance.
  • It was launched in 2017. From then it has stretched past only facilitating trades on the exchange platform of Binance. 
  • It is now used to trade, process payments, and book travel arrangements.
  • You can trade and exchange it for other cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • In 2017 its price was only $0.10. However, it rose to almost $520. 
  • The gain is nearly 520000%.


  • It is having a market cap of more than $78 billion.
  • Tether is a stablecoin. So a fiat currency like the Euro backs it.
  • The value of Tether is highly consistent in comparison to other cryptos.
  • It is preferred by investors who are worried about other coins’ high volatility.


  • Solana’s market capitalization is more than $52 billion.
  • It operates on a unique mechanism helping it to process all transactions fast and securely.
  • It assists use of DeFi apart from DApps or smart contracts.
  • Its native token is seen to power the platform.
  • Solana is one such crypto that is popular for its quick global acceptance, effectiveness and censorship as opposed to the blockchain. 
  • In 2020 Solana was launched. 
  • Then its price was $0.77. 
  • Its price increased by over 300% in the month of September with more than 56 billion dollars of market cap. 
  • There is a prediction that its price will rise by 46%
  • It attracted the interest of many investors last year.
  • But by 2022, its price is nearly $171. 
  • It has seen a gain of over 22000%.
  • Solana will witness an increase in price in the upcoming years. 


Compared to 2021, cryptocurrencies come with a huge potential of thriving in 2023. Investors are not only interested to make investments in the current cryptos but also in those that newly emerged. The above-mentioned 5 cryptocurrencies include the potential of having a high market capitalization this year. So research well and invest in your digital wallets.