Key Questions to Ask Before Decide About a WordPress Hosting

  • WordPress Powers 30.7% of All Websites On the internet
  • WooCommerce powers 42% of the e-Commerce stores on the entire Internet.
  • 55,246 free plugins are available for WordPress

Whether it is a blog or an e-commerce site or a dynamic website, WordPress has become the best platform to host your website (check this WordPress review to find out why). Once you have decided about it, the next thing that you may be looking at is a reliable hosting provider. There are many things that you need to know and consider before you decide on the best WordPress hosting. What are these? Let’s find out:

How Many Sites Do You Want to Host?

Most hosting providers offer different plans to host a different number of sites.  So if you have just one WordPress site to host, you can go for a start-up plan.

What Is The Storage Space Offered?

The next thing that you will have to pay attention to is the storage provided by the hosting service provider. If you have added a lot of videos and bulky images to your site, then you will need a plan that offers more storage space. Similarly, if you have many websites to host, then you will need more storage space.

Is The Hosting Reliable?

Even if the hosting provider offers storage the next question that arises is how reliable the hosting is regarding hardware provided. It will address your most important concern: will your WordPress website continue to run without downtime? With the best provider, you can be sure that your website will remain available to visitors.

What Kind of Computing Resources are offered?

If you are expecting healthy traffic on your website, then you have to go to the provider which offers sufficient processing power and local memory (RAM). It makes sure that every visitor’s request is handled promptly.

What Kind of Email Management is Provided?

A good hosting provider offers good e-mail management. It means that you can create, modify and manage your email lists from within the WordPress interface. It will save a lot of time that you can use elsewhere.

Ease of SSL Integration

Is it easy to add SSL certificates? A good hosting provider allows for easy generation of SSL certificates, and you must be able to install and activate the certificate with ease.

How Fast Is The Loading Time Going To Be?

Best WordPress hosting offers great caching. It means that most used pages will be stored and retrieved twice as fast.

Is Scalability Provided?

When the traffic on the site increases, the hosting should be good enough to offer the desired scalability of resources within a few clicks. It means you should be able to add RAM and CPU without having to reboot the system

What about Back-up & Security?

The best provider should also offer back-ups and malware scanning so that it never gets hacked.

Is The Control Panel User-Friendly?

Most seasoned hosting providers offer easy to use control panel from which you can manage the site. It allows you to manage your WordPress site, emails, SSL and more.


Before you decide on a hosting provider, you should look for round the clock technical support through email, chat, and phone. Once have found the best WordPress hosting, you must go for a plan that offers all the features and comes within budget!