Does Netflix Know If I am Using a VPN

If you’ve ever seen the message “you seem to be using an unblocker or proxy” then you know that not all VPNs are created equal. Some are tailored for streaming shows whilst others are more focused on security, for example. If you want to change Netflix region then it’s important to know the difference before you spend your hard-earned money.

How does Netflix Know if you’re Using a VPN

  • DNS Servers
  • Over-used IP addresses

The first question that comes to mind is how does Netflix know that you’re trying to hide your IP address? When you change the Netflix region through a VPN, you’re essentially hiding your real IP address. The VPN service provider then replaces it with another one linked to the country you’ve chosen. Therefore, surely you’re safe because how could Netflix possibly know what’s happening? Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple and Netflix has some sophisticated detection technology. There’s also something called a Domain Name System, otherwise known as DNS.

A Domain Name System is essentially a naming system for anything that’s connected to the internet whether it’s a computer or a mobile. Where the IP, or Internet Protocol, the address is a complex name identifying each device, the DNS is a more memorable word that’s connected to the IP address. Domain names help people find websites and these are linked to IP addresses. Therefore, it’s actually very easy for a media provider, such as Netflix, to match your IP address with your DNS. If they don’t match then you’re most likely using a VPN or dVPN.

How to Bypass DNS Issues and Change Netflix Region

  • VPN providers have volumes of constantly changing IP addresses and DNS servers
  • Bypass strategies

Naturally, the VPN and dVPN service providers have thought of this problem and there are ways around it. You’ll therefore still be able to easily change Netflix region with no problems. Some providers have so many DNS servers and IP addresses available that they can beat the Netflix detection systems by changing them frequently. Naturally, you pay for this service.

The names that often come up with being the best for beating Netflix and still being able to change Netflix region are ExpressVPN and NordVPN. These have a strong history of bypassing VPN blocks either by updating IP addresses regularly or by using dedicated ones. Of course, this all happens in the background. The only thing you have to worry about when you change Netflix region is to set the country in your VPN settings. However, there are also other methods. 

Different Technology

  • VPN technology
  • Decentralized VPNs

Different technology is available so that your VPN provider can enable you to change Netflix region. Names such as Obfsproxy or Tor might sound familiar to the more tech-inclined amongst us. However, if you still haven’t heard of decentralized VPNs then this might be interesting for you.

The idea of dVPNs is to leverage the peer-to-peer concept such that we all essentially borrow residential IP addresses from each other, connecting to each other’s local networks. There’ll be no more need for volumes of dedicated VPN servers across the world because we’ll all be lending and borrowing each others.


Choosing a VPN or dVPN service provider

  • History of bypassing Netflix
  • The right criteria for your needs

Many service providers now exist and a quick way is to compare feedback and ‘best of’ lists. However, it’s important to know what you want to use a VPN for. Yes, you need one to change Netflix region but for some people, security is more important, as an example.

When looking to change Netflix region, make sure you choose a VPN that specifically has the experience and history in bypassing Netflix. With Netflix’s detection systems becoming ever-more sophisticated, you need a good provider with strong knowledge. Not that we blame Netflix, after all, they’re only trying to stay legal and honor their copyright and licensing responsibilities.

Finally, don’t forget to also check the speed and level of service available with your VPN provider. This is where it might be worth mentioning something called ISP, Internet Service Provider, throttling. This is essentially where VPN service providers restrict your bandwidth so that they can charge more for faster speeds. You don’t get this problem with decentralized VPNs.

Final thoughts on How to Change Netflix Region

Globalization is here to stay whether we like it or not. The world has never been so connected such that we have the potential to learn so much about each other and all our cultures. How then can something like the internet still have geographical boundaries? Yes, there are copyright laws and people need to get paid for a job well done. However, we should be able to work together to find solutions that fit everyone. It’s reassuring to hear that at least Netflix does have a goal to make all content available to everyone globally. You won’t then have to worry about how to change Netflix region. However, how long is that going to take? Let’s not forget the other advantages of VPNs though, including security. 

We can’t stop people talking to each other and sharing information and nor should we. Regardless though, people will always find a way around these things and gain access to videos or information they want. Do we really want to encourage these illegal avenues? No, in the end, that doesn’t help anyone. So let’s work with the VPN and dVPN providers and share technologies and just see how amazing we can all be when we work together. Collaboration can only lead to mutual respect and greater understanding. Let’s break down our geographical barriers and let’s move together towards a more unified digital future.