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Beginner’s Guide: How To Effectively Use Cbd Vape Kits And Pens

Taking the plunge into the world of vaping might be daunting as a beginner. Walking into a local vape store can fill your mind with questions and doubts. With proper guidance, you can gain good knowledge before beginning your vaping journey.

Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent times. People are switching to vaping as it is comparatively healthier than smoking. Indeed, it is!. Vapes contain relatively less toxic chemicals than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping devices

Vaping devices are electronic devices that people use for inhaling vapors. People use various vaping devices, and they have reported an increase in sales in the past decade. A lot of choices are available in the market currently. Users can choose the vaping device that will suit their preferences and requirements.

How does a vaping device work?

When someone is vaping, they use a small device that looks like a traditional cigarette or USB drive. Generally, vaping devices are less complicated. The vaper can inhale the vapors by just inhaling an aerosolized liquid mixture. These aerosols make their way through the mouth and reach the airway into the lungs. They mingle with oxygen and carbon dioxide present in the air sacs of the lungs. After this, the vaper exhales the residual.

The harmful effects of tobacco cigarettes like lung cancer and airway diseases build up over decades. Research suggests that vaping is 95% percent safer than smoking. Almost all of the vaping devices work similarly.

The common parts that make up a vaping device are:

  • Cartridge: Also known as a reservoir or pod, a cartridge contains the e-juice or the e-liquid. This e-liquid is a mixture of varying quantities of nicotine, food-based flavorings, a carrier liquid, and a few other chemicals.
  • Atomizer: It contains a heating element. This heating element vaporizes the e-juice or the e-liquid to produce aerosols.
  • Power source: Vaping devices generally use batteries for this purpose. The charging of the power source can be either internal or external.
  • Mouthpiece or drip tip: The drip tip allows the vapers to inhale the vapors of the e-liquid.

Types of vaping devices

Choosing a vaping device might be overwhelming at the start. In the last two decades, vaping devices have evolved a lot. They now come with improvised technology and options for customization. There are four types of vaping devices available in the market now.

1) Cig-a-likes

Tobacco smokers generally look for devices that are similar to cigarettes. Cig-a-likes are E-cigarettes that resemble traditional tobacco cigarettes. They are small and portable. Cig-a-likes are ideal for beginners as they are easy to use. You may not experience large vape clouds with cig-a-likes. Most beginners use cig-a-likes while making a switch from smoking to vaping.

2) Vape pens

Introduced by the second generation vapers, vape pens are larger and slightly more advanced than cig-a-likes. Vape pens are good for beginners as they work much similarly to cig-a-likes. Vapers find vape pens more satisfying as they produce large vape clouds. After getting the hang of cig-a-likes, most vapers switch to vape pens.

3) Vape mods

There are many types of vape mods. As a vapor, you should be aware of your requirements from a vape mod to know which will suit you the best.

  1. Box mods: As their name suggests, they are box-shaped e-cigarettes. They are bulkier than the other vaping devices. They are internally regulated and have features to prevent misfires. Vapers who want a large battery capacity prefer box mods as they can support 1-4 batteries.
  2. Mech mods: They are simple in construction. Mech mods require regular maintenance. They are famous among experienced vapers as they produce large vape clouds.
  • Squonk mods: The structure of squonk mods is a combination of parts of different types of mods. They are box-shaped and contain a battery, cartridge, and dripper. These are ideal for vapers looking to adopt dripping as their vaping style.  
  • Pod systems: Pod mods are the most advanced and convenient vaping devices. They are smaller in size and are effective than the other vaping devices. Though they produce fewer vape clouds, they are ideal for beginner vapers.

A starter kit generally provides everything that you might want for vaping. Many flavors of e-liquids are available now. Tobacco flavored e-juices are popular as vapers prefer to have a cigarette-like experience with vapes.

How to start your vaping journey?

  • Get a starter kit. A starter kit generally contains a vaping device with a power source and cartridge.
  • Choose an e-liquid flavor of your choice.
  • Determine your vape juice type.
  • Go for a good-quality vaporizer.
  • Go slow with vaping: It is better to start with slow, steady draws.

After you get your starter kit and your favorite e-liquid, it is time for you to start inhaling the vapors. Mouth to lung vaping (MTL) and Direct to lung vaping (DTL) are the two types of vaping. MTL vaping works best with vapes that are smaller in size. It is ideal for beginners as it works similar to traditional cigarettes. DTL vaping allows you to draw the vapors straight to your lungs. MTL vaping offers a better throat hit than DTL vaping. 

New vapers can choose MTL vaping devices as they are simple and offer better nicotine strengths. MTL vaping consumes e-liquids more effectively than DTL vaping. Also, they allow you to vape discreetly as they produce smaller vape clouds.

Things to know before starting:

  • Choose vaping devices that have inbuilt safety features to avoid accidents and misfires.
  • Always keep your vapes covered. Never let them get close to metals or batteries.
  • Never use a phone charger to charge your vaping devices.
  • Don’t overcharge your vape.
  • Consider replacing your batteries immediately if they get damaged.

Bottom line

Vaping is a personal choice. For beginners, it might be a bit of a task at first. But with time, it gets easier. Usually, people use vaping as a way to manage tobacco addiction. Despite being a healthier alternative to smoking, vaping can be harmful to the user. Sometimes, vaping can cause intensive coughing and a nicotine rush. Vapers should be mindful of their limits and requirements to make their vaping journey better.