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Read to Know About Email Hosting : A Quick Guide

If you want to establish your brand identity and its credibility, then business hosting is the right tool. Even while the popularity of social media is on the rise but when it comes to making formal business communications, e-mails are most suitable. Every day millions of e-mails are being sent across by businesses to perform their crucial business functions. But you can find easily many organizations using free e-mail hosting services like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. for their emailing needs. But usually, these emails are in this format ‘’ or ‘’ which gives a very unprofessional image to your business.

Business E-Mail Hosting Serves This Purpose

A business e-mail, as the name suggests is used for business. But the main difference is that you get an email that portrays your brand. For example, may be your e-mail id. Many email hosting providers offer this service. Now let’s look at the various benefit of having business e-mail hosting :

1. Professional Communication

Using business emails will make your communication more professional. No matter whether you are communicating within the organization or sending mail to your clients, you will be bringing much-needed coherency in branding. You can easily imagine how unprofessional you are going to look when you are sending such a mail to your clients you will look very unprofessional. But when you send a similar proposal through your company’s official mail-id, it leaves a very positive impact.

2. You look more reliable

With the use of a business e-mail account, you look more trusted by your customers. A professional e-mail account is always associated with a domain name. It is usually your company’s business domain name on which the primary website is hosted. It helps you, customers, as well; if they want to know more about you, they can do so by visiting website address contained in the mail-id. In this way, you can gain the trust of your customers.

3. Worth the money spent

A business e-mail account costs nothing in comparison to the benefits you get from them.  You can get them at almost no price. You can always look for most cost-effective e-mail solution for your business.

4. You get storage space as well

Almost every service provider offers customized storage space to their customers. You can use the space the way you want.

5. You can keep your hosting private

You can keep your e-mail hosting private with the help of white-label hosting. It allows you to use your logo on your email account. It helps you in branding your business as well.  With white-label email solution, you can hide the identity of the service provider.

6. Loaded With Features

With professional mail accounts, you get more features as well compared to free email service. You will be able to customize your mail-box as per your needs. You also get special features like customization of mail-box, mail monitoring, and mail-grouping.

In The End

E-mail hosting providers offer many benefits that you can’t get with free email providers. You’ll surely like to get your branding right, isn’t it?