Dental Check Up

What To Expect In Your Dental Check-Up

It is essential to take preventative care of your dental health. Doing so helps alleviate oral health problems and ensures your teeth and gums stay fit in the long run. Before going for it, knowing what to expect in a dental check-up is essential. 

If you are in Orange County, California, visiting a mission viejo dentist regularly will help ensure that you always have a beautiful smile. Notwithstanding the fact that Mission Viejo is a small commuter city, their highly experienced professionals provide various services that ensure you do not suffer from oral health issues. For instance, you can easily get implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, etc.

Expect In Your Dental Check-Up

If you have never been to a dental check-up, here are some things to expect.

A thorough examination

First, your mouth is thoroughly examined. It lets them know if you have any oral health issues. They will scan your mouth and look for gum disease and cancer signs. If they find any such case, they will suggest the necessary treatment. For instance, if there is a need for dental implants, your dentist will recommend that you do. In Mission Viejo, dental implants for a single tooth may cost $2000-$7000. 


The next phase of your check-up is cleaning. In this step, the professional removes tartar from your gum. Removing tartar is not possible with only brushing. Thus, specific dental instruments are necessary for it. Dentists in Mission Viejo use ultrasonic instruments to break down the deposits into smaller particles. 


After cleaning, your teeth are polished. In this phase, the surface and crown are polished. It helps to remove the stains. At times, dentists also use abrasive material with the help of a rotating brush. It makes the teeth look shiny and restores the natural luster. Then, the dentist will ask you to rinse your mouth. 

Some Basic Tips

An experienced professional will provide you with some instructions about your dental health. This will be based on their observation. For instance, they can suggest that you need to brush and floss regularly at home or avoid sugary foods. 

The dentist may provide you with a substance called the disclosing agent. It is a red dye that sticks to the plaque, making it more visible. The disclosing agent helps the dentist see if any plaque is left to clean. Going to the Mission Viejo dentist will ensure that you have good oral health for years to come. 


This is a standard part of any dental check-up. An x-ray helps in determining whether there are any underlying issues. The frequency of getting an x-ray done depends on the type of issue you have. Some patients need to undergo an x-ray on an annual basis. Some have to go through it once every few months. In case you visit a new doctor, you need to take the x-ray report of the former dentist.


While conducting various tests to gauge your oral health, the dentist might ask you to take a bite of a given fruit. If you have trouble biting into it, you might be asked to bite into a particular wax mold. This will create an impression, showing with precision the alignment of your teeth. It will help them understand whether or not your teeth and gum are suffering from any problems. 


After the check-up, the dentist will discuss the results with you. They will guide you with the best treatment if they detect any problem. They may also schedule extra tests if needed. Regular dental check-ups are necessary to ensure that your oral health is good. So, it would help if you did not visit a dentist only when you suffer pain.