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Extramarks: Best Online Teaching App

As a teacher, ideally, what do you want in an application that you choose for teaching? Well, most of you will answer – convenience! As simple as it may sound, we know a convenient application isn’t just a regular, random app that you use. It is a comprehensive term and that is why whenever you look for your state of convenience in any of the online teaching apps, you have to be sure that you are picking the best. Like Extramarks teaching for example! We are sure you would have already heard about it. But do you know it makes it the number one choice of teachers across the country? If not, then keep reading for some of the reasons for this favoritism. 

  • Hundred percent safe and secure – When you are a teacher, your students trust you blindly with their personal and professional information. And by selecting the online teaching apps for your help you put your trust blindly in those applications. So, it’s very essential that the application you are selecting is hundred percent secure and ensures complete privacy of your notes and information you upload. This is the basic criterion the teachers look into an ideal teaching app globally and Extramarks provide you the surety of this criterion under all circumstances. 
  • Easy to use – When the teachers globally turned from physical classrooms to online lectures, they already had a lot on their plates to understand technology. Imagine if there is an application that further confuses them, will they be able to use such applications? Of course not. Now, this is again one of the best criteria of the Extramarks app that it provides a very simple and easy-to-use platform to teachers which in turn makes teaching online a pretty convenient and efficient procedure.
  • Class recording – In an online platform, often, neither the teacher nor the students are always available at the same time to teach or study. That is why the convenience of class recording is considered so important in these online courses. Extramarks application provides you with a class recording system that helps you to record your lectures before time or provide your students with these recordings for easier reference during the examinations.
  • No extra cost or hidden charges – Almost all online teaching applications have their free and paid subscriptions for the teachers. Now, it depends upon you whether you want to go for the free version or choose the paid form of using the application. But there might be teaching applications charging extra or taxing you unnecessarily. But the Extramarks application has no such extra hidden costs or charges that you have to bear during your teaching process through this app.
  • Helps you keep records systematically – We know you might be struggling to keep a record of your student’s data, their marks, your solutions, and your personal class recordings. But when you use the Extramarks application, you automatically get a very systematic storage system that helps you to differentiate each of these matters in a convenient way and keep a record of these safe in an application for future reference. 

With these essential pointers covered, don’t you also think that the Extramarks teaching app is true to its word when it says that it guarantees you complete convenience while teaching your students? 

Extramarks Education is an education-based technology company that was founded in 2007. Its headquarter is located in Noida, India, and it mainly has expertise in online as well as offline learning.

Its official website is where students can register themselves and get various opportunities to learn as well grow.

Apart from a learning app, Extramarks has also a teaching app for tutors who want to join the group and earn via this education company. Not only this, the official website also provides study material for students on many topics and areas, such as:

  • CBSE
  • ICSE
  • CBSE Hindi
  • NCERT English Medium
  • UP Board Hindi Medium
  • UP Board English Medium

To avail of any of such offered study materials and services, the student, or his/ her parents has to register themselves on the website and create an account.

Then the user has to log in to the official website, or can also use the services by downloading the official Extramarks app which is available on Google Play Store as well as on App Store for free.

However, all such services such as study material and online assistance have subscription charges that the user has to pay for.

The interface of the app as well as the website is very clean, colorful, cheering, and user-friendly.

The company is registered in India as Extramarks Education India Private Limited and has opened many offices across the country under the same banner.

Those looking for employment or career opportunities with Extramarks may contact them or may keep themselves updated with the latest resumes on the job portals.