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Fashion Trends For the UK in Summer 2023

Summer is just around the corner, and for most people, this means dressing in lighter, fresher fabrics and ditching dark colors altogether. 

There has been a very noticeable shift in what is being seen on the catwalks from designer brands like Gucci and Miu Miu. Currently, subtlety is no longer the name of the game, and hues and pastels are out.

If you are someone who likes to keep on-trend but doesn’t have the fortune to spend on designer goods, it can seem hard to know where to start with updating your summer wardrobe with some classic bits. Not to worry, however. In this article, 5 key trends being seen on the runways for summer will be discussed, giving you some ideas of what to go for in your summer wardrobe.

Fashion Trends For the UK

Micro Skirts

Long skirts are fine, but in summer, most people want a shorter skirt, for comfort more than anything else on those hot days. 

But, if you have a short or mini skirt, it is time to consider going even shorter (if you dare) and opting for a micro skirt. As the name suggests, these skirts are even shorter and have taken pride of place in Miu Miu and Dolce and Gabanna summer collections, which have been showcased as part of London fashion week and are now a growing part of Manchester’s fashion industry too. 

So, if you want to stay cool and stylish this summer, opt for a micro skirt. 

Leather (Or Faux)

It seems that Prada and Alexander McQueen have brought back leather. Or, if you are vegan, faux, or plant leather.

In the summer collections, there has been a visual shift to the leather trench coats, jackets, and even more feminine coats, with some daring designers even opting to put puffed shoulders in place. Distressed leather has been seen across the collections too, meaning it is a great time to root around thrift stores looking for older leather jackets that look like they could use some TLC.

All leather colors are desirable, just be sure to wear this amazing accessory with the confidence that it deserves.

Bright Colours All the Way

As mentioned earlier, neutrals are out this summer and bright colors are in. 

This includes tangerine orange, vibrant pink, and of course, bright, or sunflower yellow. These looks can be mixed and matched or, if you prefer, go for solid pieces, such as flowing dresses or tops and skirts that match (or don’t).

However, it seems that there is some room for darker shades too. Valentino paired up brown and cerulean blue to a striking effect, so this could be the perfect time for you to wear those chocolate brown linen trousers with that cerulean top. The bold colors extended to the accessories too, with many on the catwalk also wearing bright block shoes and even brightly colored shrug tops. 

Emphasis On the Back

Many people when buying their summer wardrobe focus on the front of the outfit, but what about the back?

It is easy to make an entrance at a party or summer barbeque, but what about making a dramatic exit too? Yes, the emphasis on dresses, skirts, and even tops is on the back. What does this mean? Well, more dresses and skirts not affiliated with weddings are being given tails, just check out Gucci’s summer collection for an idea, and many chiffons or lace tops are having more flowing fabrics attached to the back. This means that you will flow out of a room when you leave. A word of warning; be sure to be careful when you enter a building that has revolving doors.

Stripes and Lines

Louis Vuitton highlighted the importance and versatility of stripes this summer season, designing tops, skirts, and dresses with bold and contrasting striped prints.

Gucci extended this to a coat and other designers even had their models wearing striking socks that had horizontal stripes in deep blues and oranges. Talk about making an impact. Stripes are commonplace in many clothing stores, so if you want to simulate this look at home, just be sure to get stripes that are crisp and contrasting. The must-have items of the summer tend to be dark and bright at the same time, but also colorful, so try to avoid black stripes when possible and choose brighter colors, like orange and blue, yellow and pink, or red and purple. 

Why not extend the striped look to swimwear, and opt for striped swimsuits and bikinis too?