Handy Guide For Buying Vanities


Since your bathroom is the main space wherein you get ready before you head to the office or step outside, it would be no surprise that it quickly gets disorderly with different products and indulging essentials.

Maybe the usage of this space is pretty huge, but your bathroom is not too spacious. As it is usually the smallest space in your home, you should organise it tactfully. Here, what you can do is, you can look for the right vanities to ensure your bathroom has both space and storage.

Consider the Material

Choosing the right material is one of the most crucial decisions you will make when purchasing a bathroom dressing table. Moisture and humidity are the biggest problems with wooden furniture.

Hence, the right material is of great importance. Solid wood models provide the utmost durability, while rubberwood is a feasible option offering up to 90% of the durability of oak wood.  

Size Matters

Though there are standard sizes for the bathroom, not all homes are constructed the same. Measure the sizes of your current dressing table and start from there.

In case you are searching for a somewhat odd-size, you could need to consider picking the custom or semi-custom vanities. It is going to cost you more than stock dressing tables. You must figure out the size first, and if there is any specific requirement, you need to make it clear before you make the purchase.

What Type of Vanity Do You Want?

Options are abundant when you start looking for the furniture or toilet table for your bathroom. It depends on your bathroom type and the preferences you have.

  • Freestanding Options

It is the most general and conventionally well-known available type. Freestanding is the options that are floor mounted. You can secure them to the wall by making use of mounting screws.

  • Wall-Mounted Options

These are even referred to as floating toilet tables. As the name says it all, these are mounted to the wall without any support from the ground. Moreover, it is common in contemporary and modern designs. It gives your space a chic look instantly.

Once you go for this option, you get plenty of space on the floor, a streamlined surface, and a stunning appearance.

  • Corner Vanities

It can be a perfect option for your bathroom if your bathroom has limited space. Corner models offer an ideal storage solution, and they never get in the way of anything else. These models provide a wonderful degree of flexibility in even the most compressed of bathroom spaces.

  • Console Models

These are ideal for you if you are planning to create a more open bathroom concept. It is a unit that often incorporates a taste of vintage appeal. The models cater to a simple look that would not immensely interrupt on the adjacent area.

  • Glass Bathroom Models

These vanities cater to an ultra-modern appeal. You would find the design fulfilling, and it would underline the complete depth of your bathroom’s dimensions.

Most of these models are made up of tempered glass, and hence, you do not need to worry about their durability. You might even find it easy to clean them.

Finally, since you know much about the types of bathroom vanities and how you can pick the right option, make sure you make an informed decision.