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Don’t Miss Your Favorite Hindi Movies Online With Free Vpn For Linux

The evolution of mobile devices has given us the possibility to be in transition through the world, but without losing connectivity. However, this is one culture that needs to carry on with us as it links to our actual roots. Say, for example, if you are from India or someone who likes the Hindi movies, then you need to know how to access Hindi movies wherever you are in the world, and this is where technology works in your favor. Here we will try to learn how you can watch Hindi movies online on your mobile device from across the globe.

Before exploring the 100% free options, we may also have to think of some alternatives which give us the most out of the pennies we spent on those. Say, for example, if you already have a subscription for Amazon Prime when you can easily get access to the content regardless of your geographic location. If you are subscribed to Indian Amazon Prime, then there are plenty of unique content ranging from movies to TV shows on it.

Hindi movies Kodi addons

There are many official and third-party add-ons to view Hindi movies online on Kodi, let’s explore a few of them.

Eros Now

You can watch Bollywood movies and TV shows on various Indian languages on Eros Now, which is an official add-on by Kodi to be downloaded from the official repository. It lists everything you need not only in terms of Bollywood movies, but also a wide range of content as Indian TV series and other shows. Apart from Hindi, Eros Now is also available in Tamil and other Indian languages.

Filmon TV

FTV Kodi add-on is a phenomenal source for watching unlimited movies on Kodi 17.3 Krypton. It contains more than 500 channels and the uplifting news about this add-on is that you can enjoy TV shows and movies in HD quality. Filmon TV is an official Kodi add-on.


Another incredible name in Bollywood movies Kodi add-ons of 2020 is SnagFilms. It is a well-known movies and TV show add-on with lots of amazing content variations from various regions across the world. SnagFilms Add-on contains a wide scope of classifications and categories and for Bollywood movies fans; it has a committed section with all kind of Indian movies.

It contains Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu and various other Indian movies in great picture quality.


You can watch the top Bollywood Movies on the Kodi addon named Einthusan in many Indian languages. However, Einthusan is not an official add-on for Kodi, but a third party offering. This is completely free, and you can use it clubbed with a good VPN to ensure privacy and security.

Bollywood Movies – Best Add-on

The Bollywood Movies Add-on was once the most popular and widely adored everyone’s favorite add-on; however, it was off for quite a while. Fortunately, the good news is that it is back from another developer and subsequently, all the Hindi movies fans will be able to enjoy movies with their evergreen add-on.

This add-on is polished and is in the add-ons library once more. The Bollywood Movies add-on pulls data from various online resources, particularly from YouTube.

Live NetTV

Live net TV is another good online content streaming application, which is a winner among many others of this sort. This third-party app is available for more than a couple of years, and the provider consistently adds more channels and features to it. It is also possible for users to cast content directly from their smartphones.

Top free VPNs for Linux

You can use a free VPN for Linux to encrypt your data online and also hide the online activities done by you. You may also use a good VPN for Linux to stream content online too. Further, we will discuss a few options to choose in terms of the top free VPNs to be clubbed with the Linux operating system.


No doubt that ExpressVPN is one of the top choices in a VPN. The users can enjoy lightning-fast speed and many advanced features on it. There is a wide range of servers offered across 148 locations around the globe.

CyberGhost VPN

The users can choose among 5600 servers from across the globe in about 90 countries. CyberGhost is a very user-friendly application for various platforms. You can get live chat support and also a 45-day money-back guarantee for the users.

As you may see, there are a lot of options to choose in terms of watching Hindi movies online. It is always advised that you use a good VPN also while accessing online content. Hopefully you have found this selected list for Hindi movies add-ons helpful and informative. Enjoy watching Hindi movies online. Happy streaming on Kodi!