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How Podcasts Help you Achieve Your Business Marketing Objectives?

Making your business survive in a highly competitive market like today is not easy. You can’t rely on traditional tools to reach out to your customers. As a business owner, you must tap into the new market opportunities to get noticed. Starting a podcast is one of them. Can you believe there are even podcasts about live trading? It turns out it’s an effective way of marketing your business in the present century!

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is basically audio files available on the internet for downloading. It’s like a new talk radio for mobile devices. It is, in fact, because of the excessive use of smartphones that podcasting has become so mainstream.

How Does It Help a Business in Its Marketing Objectives?

Okay, so how does a podcast actually help a business? To understand that, have a look at the following:

  • Build authority : Association is one of the most powerful tactics of becoming famous. Famous celebrities such as Tony Robbins and Oprah experienced career growth because of association. With a podcast, you can develop that association. It will help you build authority.

Building authority has a lot to do with social proof. No wonder big brands have reviews, case studies, celebrity endorsements, and testimonials.  You can invite real people to your podcast and make them share their experience with your product and service.

  • Gain access to a new audience : Reaching out to a new audience is a task that comes with a huge responsibility. You are going to need a marketing strategy to not just reach out to people but make them your leads.

Traditional marketing such as ads is now unwanted. On the other hand, with a branded podcast, you can interact with your audience and develop a meaningful relationship.

Did you know that listeners actually act on ads they hear in the middle of a podcast? It won’t be wrong to say that a branded podcast can provide you more opportunity as compared to traditional marketing. You can tailor content directly to your listeners. If you want to sell board games, start a podcast about board games. There is no need to.

  • Learn more about your audience : You will be amazed by how a podcast can teach you about your audience. When you do interviews, it connects you with the story of another human. You are interacting with real people having real problems and victories.
  • With a branded podcast, you unlock the truth about your listeners. As you interview your customers, you get to know what they want from your product or service, their experience, and expectations.

Other Benefits of Podcasting

  • Traffic generation: As long as your audio series continue, people are likely to keep listening. That’s a great way to making them visit your website.

Your audience might even recommend your podcast to their friends. You will be reaching out to more and more people effortlessly.

  • Build a relationship with your audience: A podcast helps build an effective relationship with your listeners. They start feeling that they know you. One thing is for sure, people will only listen to a podcast if they believe they have something common with the speaker or the brand they are representing.

Once such a relationship is built, your listeners start trusting you. This encourages listeners to associate with the brand. That means you will be generating more leads. People like to buy something from a friend than a stranger, right?

  • It’s easy to get started with: Creating a podcast is easier than you think. You will need a good quality rode microphone and headphones. You can find them at a reasonable price. Apart from that, you will need editing software. You can find one for free. Once you have created audio files, you will need a website to upload them. You can also send your podcast to your audience via email.

Once the podcast is ready, you must promote it. For that, make sure it’s available on the popular distribution channels.

  • They are highly engaging: The internet is full of written content and even audio information. This information is a way to engage with your customers. A speaker has the opportunity to convey his messages in an interactive way. Podcasts can be highly engaging. A survey conducted on 300,000 podcast listeners revealed that 63% of the respondents actually bought the product that was being promoted. This means you can actually influence a listener to buy your product. That’s an opportunity every business must cash on.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Started with Your Podcast ASAP!

After reading all this information, you must have come to the conclusion that without a podcast, you are missing out on a lot. If you have decided to leverage on podcasts, keep these things in mind:

  • Choose a topic that is trending. If you start speaking about something nobody’s interested in, it defeats the whole purpose of starting a podcast in the first place.
  • A podcast can range from 1 minute to even an hour. Make sure it’s neither too short nor too long. The length depends on the audience’s preferences and the number of episodes you can to create.
  • The frequency of episodes depends on the topic and audience response. If it is a deeper topic, broadcast once a month. If it is a how-to based topic, then broadcast weekly.

Final Words

You can even start a podcast on who is the best CFD Broker out there. If you have chosen the right topic and distributed your podcast via popular channels, it will certainly do wonders for your business.