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How Successful is FUE Hair Restoration?

Pune is one of India’s most populous cities, with an estimated population of 7.4 million as of 2020. It is also one of the top places where IT Hubs, as well as automobiles and manufacturing hubs, are flourishing.

It is a busy city where you can enjoy relaxing in places on the side. People from different classes are flocking to the city to study, stay for vacation, and work.

If you are coming to Pune for a job hunt, you should expect a high competition. So, you have to make sure that you are mentally, emotionally, and physically well-prepared. You have to work on your appearance as well – remember, the first impression lasts. 

When it comes to appearance, we can’t deny that those who look good got the edge, and their chances of getting the job are relatively high. This is why investing in your looks is vital if you are looking for a job.

One of the things that gets the attention the most is your hairstyle, regardless of your gender. If you are losing your hair caused by your genes, then what you are dealing with is permanent. You may need to look for a clinic that offers the latest trends in hair transplant in Pune.

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is the latest hair transplant technique done by most reputable clinics for hair problems. With this technique, individual follicle groups will be extracted and transplanted to the areas affected by hair loss.

While the surgical hair transplant procedure has been being practiced for years, most procedures are old and unreliable. However, with the groundbreaking developments in technique and technology, hair transplant now has much higher success rates, natural-looking results, and a more painless process.

Is it effective? Read on, and you will understand the process and see how effective it is.

What should you expect from the FUE transplant?

FUE is a less invasive procedure but still considered as surgery. The whole process is done with local anesthesia and lasts for about 8-10 hours. With that in mind, expect that you will be spending long hours lying on your side and back.

You will be given instructions to cut your hair before the procedure since the strands need to be short for successful grafting. There will be no incisions required nor postoperative incision sutures or care to worry about. However, you may feel some swelling, scabbing, and discomfort around the extraction sites. 

The discomfort usually is mild and goes away quickly. The hairs will grow in a few days, covering any flaws until its completely healed. Most patients reported that they could go back to work and do daily activities within two days, although it is crucial to continue the recommended postoperative care.

What results should you expect from a FUE hair transplant?

FUE hair transplant can give you a fully restored beautiful head of hair, given that a highly skilled surgeon does the procedure. This technique lets the surgeon artfully and strategically place each strand, it doesn’t look like it is transplanted. The result will look natural, and no one can tell that you had any transplant done.

On the other hand, the donor sites should heal in a few days, and you will see new hair growing in about three months. You should see remarkable results within a year. You may expect some thinning or loss of the transplanted hair after 6-9 weeks as a normal response to the treatment.

Finally, those who undergo FUE transplant by an experienced surgeon can expect to have natural and permanent hair growth. Like any other procedure, results may vary depending on the patient.

How successful is FUE hair transplant?

The success rate of hair restoration, regardless of the procedure, relies on different factors. This includes the severity of hair loss, the surgeon’s expertise, and the overall health of the patient. 

However, the FUE hair transplant technique has a higher success rate compared to other methods. Most reputable surgeons reported having provided more than 90% success rates on FUE. This makes the procedure to be the most promising and effective option for hair restoration.

Overall, the most vital factor for a successful full FUE procedure is choosing the right clinic for a hair transplant in Pune. Don’t hesitate to ask about the surgeon’s training, experience, and success records. Inexperience surgeons make a lot of mistakes that could result in undesirable results.

Permanent hair loss should not be a problem anymore. With the latest breakthrough in hair transplant techniques, you may now kiss your baldness good-bye.