drones for video production

How to Buy Drones for Video Production

While buying a drone, you need to consider some factors to decide which one is the best for you. There are several drones out there, and although they all have the same essential functions, the nuances could make all the difference. How do you know which one is the right drone for you? 

Do you need a drone only for video or for any other purpose? Here is a brief guide to aid you find the top drones for video production that will make you excel in aerial photography. 

1. Software

Drones are hi-tech gadgets and what sets apart the top drones from the others is their software. Some experts would suggest it is better to look at the software first and then choose the hardware. It is how you will manage the data in your drone and use it for future reference. 

If you mean to capture sensitive videos with your drone, the software must help you build firewalls and be equipped with data protection. How you intend to use your data will play a significant role in which drone you buy. 

2. Purpose of the Video

If you want to engage in video production, then in which field are you going to use them? The top drones today can capture 4K videos and high-resolution photos. Are you going to use them for marketing? Will you use them for mapping and survey? Is there any other commercial purpose like shooting event management or real estate videos? All of this will determine your choice.

3. Function 

Drones offer different types of functions depending on their usage. For example, if you are using a drone for inspection, one with 20 fps mechanical shutter and high-resolution transmission to the controller would be ideal. Collision detection would be an added plus. For the survey, use a drone which has GPS-enabled project maps and can record elevation data. 

If you want to go for vertical scans, opt for a LIDAR colour camera, or you could get a 3D modelling software. It could also have a modular payload and come with multi-rotor construction. For cinematic videos, you could go for a 3-axis gimbal, with one that offers panoramic shots. When you plan your drone usage, you get the maximum value out of it. 

4. Weather Conditions

If you are frequently shooting in extreme weather conditions, you need a drone sturdy and enough for it. Battery life is crucial because keeping a drone stable in high winds could deplete the battery faster. So opt for a drone with a longer flight time. It should still be able to click clear shots or be in rainy weather as clear as possible. Wind, rain or dust should not cause the drone to malfunction. While shooting panoramic videos, your drone should be able to stitch shots seamlessly. 

For all these reasons, always take your pick from the top drones. Check the camera quality and gimbal mount before you buy, along with the factors mentioned above. A good drone will enhance your video capabilities and enable you to make stunning aerial movies.