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How to Choose the Most Profitable Video Networks for Publishers

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can transform an entire thought process. 

Undoubtedly, videos are one of the most popular media today. The last year has proven that YouTube ads are here to stay, and more publishers are now exploring video networks to connect with the audience through creative story-telling.

How Popular Are Video Ads? 

A publisher can make between $9-12 and $18-20 every 1000 impressions through strategically placed video ads depending on the niche, locations, and other factors. 

The giants like BuzzFeed have already stated that half of the advertising revenue is brought in by video ads, and they aim to push the number to 75%. The Forbes, Washington Post, and CBS, and other publishers also have explored different video avenues of advertising. 

There are various ways in which digital publishers of all sizes can take advantage of this by generating unique video content and generating revenue through demand or with reliable partners who actually bring forth the video content and monetization for you. 

This way, you get the best of both video creations and monetization without investing your time and effort. 

So you must be curious to know how to choose the most profitable video networks! Let’s explore. 

Vital Tips to Choose the Most Profitable Video Networks for Publishers

There are millions of questions that crop up when you think of publishing video ads. 

To help you out, here are some of the essential features that you will want in your video– 

  1. Intelligent Tactics Ideation – The right video ad network or platform should present accurate and powerful analytics. They should give a clear picture of how the ads are performing and should thoroughly evaluate your ad campaign. This should be the guiding force for you to perfect your strategy. 
  1. Superior Targeting Options – Your video ad network should enable you to be absolutely specific about your audience. This implies that you want to have added targeting options like geo-targeting and contextual targeting. Added to that, your network should also allow you to display ads based on your audience’s behavior patterns. After all, your video ads would be able to improve your conversion rates only when they are most relevant. 
  1. Variety of Formats – Remember that your audience consumes media and info across all forms of devices these days. Indeed, mobile video consumption rises by 100% almost every year. Thus your data should reach the consumers on different devices. Hence, it would help if you always chose a network that supports a plethora of systems. In this case, remember that having different types of ads are also crucial. Experiment with various formats and only after that, determine which is the best for your ad campaign. 

Now, these are the essential features that you should look out for when choosing video networks. But to excel and strike a chord with your audience, you must always stay informed about the latest trends in the domain. Only then can you deliver video ads that will genuinely convert.