How To Drive More Traffic to Your Website While Writing Less

Writing as many articles as possible can result in diminishing returns. With a lot of competitors out there using the same keywords and pulling out the same topic makes it a challenge to be a successful in digital marketing. If you’re starting out, you have to spend hours per day to come up with topics and write about them as fast as you can. But, you can only do so much in a day.

However, if you’re an already established website or company, you already have the traffic you need to go about the web. It’s now time for you to recycle or repackage your blog posts and long-form content into something new. Below are some ways on how you can drive traffic while writing less. That way, you can have more time to do other SEO strategies.

Use videos for social media promotion

Videos are more like to generate shares than other types of content. It’s because they are engaging and highly-compelling. They effectively capture the user’s attention.

It is projected that video marketing will account for almost 80% of Internet traffic by 2019. Moreover, Hubspot released a survey showing that nearly 50% of marketing’s are willing to explore YouTube and Facebook channels for their video distribution for the coming year. It’s time for you experiment on how to incorporate short, fun clips into your social strategy to boost blog traffic and conversion.

Don’t copy and paste headlines when posting on social media

If you want people to get excited about your posts and click your links to read what’s on your blog, then you must create a social copy that is worth reading. Don’t just use your titles to fill up the white space on top. If it’s already on the banner or the photo attached, then there’s no need to put it again.

If you don’t have time to come up with a copy that resonates with your audience, you can look into your content to fill your snippet. You can add stats, use quotes from influence’s or even that witty line you found in the middle of the text. Whatever you choose, take care of your social posts. Remember that actual people are reading them. They get turned off by lazy marketing.

Work with influences

Social influences have something it might take a while for you to build – the trust of their audience. When you work with them, you don’t have to put in the hours to do this yourself. There are two subcategories of influences marketing. These are earned influences marketing and paid influence marketing.

Earned influence marketing is an unpaid collaboration between the brand and the influencer. Most small and medium businesses subscribe to this marketing to advertise their products without pushing ads. Big brands also adhere to this marketing so they appear more authentic and genuine.

Meanwhile, influences get sponsors with paid influencer marketing. They get paid to post a specific type of content on social media. Paid sponsorship can vary from brands as influencers often have to follow the rules and guidelines when creating a post.

Set a budget for paid promotion

You can reap the rewards of the bulk of SEO even when you don’t spend a dime. But, it’s also worth noting that paid social promotion can get your content out there faster than the safe and traditional route. If you want to establish brand loyalty and serve the best material for your readers, then you can boost your evergreen content on social media. This helps you gain traction of your traffic even when your content has been online since forever.

With paid promotion, you can customize who sees your content as well as when and where it comes out. Follower targeting is particularly essential when employing paid advertising. It allows you to monitor the users tied to your business.

Leave non-spammy, valuable comments

Marketers underutilized comment sections because they think their job revolves around producing content. Unfortunately, they’re missing out on the benefits of being active and engaging with users. When you offer advice, a resource, a link or praise, you’re helping moderators believe there’s still light at the end of the comment section. With all the crap and spam on comment sections, most bloggers and webmasters highly appreciate it when you leave high-value, non-spammy comments.

These are a few strategies on how to boost your traffic even if you spend less time writing. Digital marketers must play up their techniques once in a while to continue getting things right. That is why you’ll find Optimind Technology Solutions updating their strategies to cope up with the trends in the digital marketing world.