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How to Find the Right Lawyer to Fight Your Case After a Recreational Boat Accident in Miami

Few places in the world offer the same holiday delights as Miami does. Situated against the great Atlantic Ocean, it contains the famed beaches Miami and South. It welcomed 23.3 million visitors to its shores in 2018, bringing in a revenue of nearly $18 Billion. The numerous fun activities played a large role in this success.

One of the major attractions is recreational boating. The fine waters of the ocean allow people to experience them via a fun boat ride. There are instances that the fun ride could turn into a disaster. A lack of judgment due to excitement or otherwise could result in a boating accident, harming the occupants.

US statistics peg the number of people dying annually from such accidents at 700, with over 86% dying from drowning without safety equipment. The number of injured is not encouraging either. If you’ve suffered from such an accident in any way in Miami Boating Accident Lawyers can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

Finding the Best Fit

In Miami, a Boating Accident Lawyer has to perform lots of duties on course to fight for you. They’ll need to be aware of the particulars of the case and the corresponding laws that apply. You can find a quality lawyer after doing some research about them.

Educational Background

Law school is hard to pass because it is exhaustive. It ensures the student learns all they need to help their clients in the course of their career. A potential lawyer you hire, can serve you best if they have a sound educational background.

Check the qualifications of the lawyer you’re about to hire. It helps if they are certified by a top law school, preferably within the state. That way, they will be better aware of local laws that may apply to your situation.

Awareness of Your Case

Some numerous laws and regulations apply to recreational boating in Miami. They are:

  • Filing of a BAR is mandatory if a person dies, disappears under the circumstances indicating death or injury, has injuries requiring more than first aid, or a complete loss of the vessel occurs.
  • A Personal Flotation Device (PFD) must be present on the boat for everyone onboard. There must also be a fire extinguisher at all times.
  • The boat owner/operator must report the incident within 48 hours if: death occurs within 24 hours of it, a person needs more than first aid for their injuries, or if a person disappears as a consequence.
  • State laws apply to vessels within its maritime boundaries, while federal laws apply beyond those boundaries.

Your lawyer must assess your situation thoroughly and check for all applicable laws; they must be capable of explaining the same to you. They must be willing to investigate on their own if required to get all the details.

Also, verify how often they’ll represent you personally in court. If not, enquire who will take their place, and their awareness and qualifications. This information is useful for out-of-city victims.

Cost and Payment Modes

Discuss all applicable charges for the service. It should include externalities as well, like travel fees. Confirm mode and time of payment. It’s better if this occurs before starting the case.

Your recreational boating can turn from a gala time to a nightmare due to a small mishap. In Miami, expert Boating Accident Lawyers will help you with all the legal steps that need to be undertaken during such incidents.