How to Get a Facelift Done Without Any Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has always been an important topic for several years. It has gained immense popularity among men and women of all age group who want to improve their appearance for a confident look. Though plastic surgery facelift is a great choice till date, both men and women feel extremely nervous when going under the knife to restore their youthful glow. Read on to know about different non-invasive options and achieve your desired results.

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  • Botox for face This treatment is in the search list of individuals who want to undergo facelift treatment. Botulinum toxin injection is a temporary treatment to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Before getting the injection, a patient has to meet with the consultant to know about the most appropriate medication for the treatment. Another thing to remember is that Botox does not require local anesthetic. While you might have to take several injections at different areas in the face, most patients can face this discomfort without taking anesthetic.
  • Dermal fillers – Dermal fillers in vancouver is the best place for this non-surgical facelift treatment using an injection form. Fillers are made from hyaluronic acid that occurs in the skin and repairs the damaged tissues. If you want to inject it in your skin, then it is usually changed from its liquid form to a gel-like substance. It helps to plump and lift the area that might have lost its firmness or elasticity by restoring the volume, plumpness and shape. It can be used under the eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, chin, jawline and even your hands.
  • PRP for facial rejuvenation – Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP therapy is the method of using your blood for the production of collagen and facial rejuvenation. During the process, a smaller amount of blood gets extracted from your arm and then placed in a specially-designed centrifuge. The blood will then be spun at a fast rate so that red blood cells separate from plasma and the platelets in your blood. This platelet-rich plasma gets injected back in patients at the problematic area. The treatment is very effective in treating wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin and improving your overall health.
  • Thread-lift for facial rejuvenation – Thread facelifts are said to be a less invasive option to surgical treatment. It has particularly been made for people who have early signs of aging. The treatment can leave your skin more rejuvenated and reduce the signs of facial sagging. During the process, the surgeon inserts thin threads in your face by tiny incisions in the targeted areas. These are attached to the skin and then pulled back to smoothen and lift your face. The treatment provides instant results and gives patients a suitable chance to approve as well as disapprove their look before it has been set in place. The effects of a thread-lift are meant to last for at least 6 – 30 months, though this depends on the individual who is undergoing the treatment.

Thus, if you are looking for a less-invasive facelift without surgery, then these treatments can help to attain your desired results.