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How to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction should definitely be on your mind when running a big business. This is because without having happy employees, it is likely that your business will suffer as a result. You are in the right place if you are looking to improve employee satisfaction. This guide will outline five ways to make that a reality and improve your bottom line as a result. Read on for five tips that’ll arm you with the knowledge to make a big impact.


Courting feedback is an essential part of any business as it allows you to see where improvements can be made, basically for free. It allows your employees to feel like they are part of the decision-making process, meaning that it is a useful tool to use in and of itself. There are many different ways that you can court feedback, from anonymous drop boxes to internet surveys to even scheduling one-on-one meetings with employees.

A Simple HR Process

HR should be one of the smoothest and most streamlined parts of any big business. Employees want to make sure that requests for time-off or sick leave are dealt with quickly and swiftly, as well as any issues that might arise within a bristling office environment. Paying employees on time is also essential, meaning that you should probably invest in some HR and payroll software that can combine both of these tasks into one simple and easy package.

Transparent Salaries

One way that employees can get annoyed while working in an office is by feeling that they aren’t getting paid the same amount for the same work as their colleagues. One revolutionary idea to tackle this is to be absolutely transparent with salaries. While it is probably not possible to pay everyone exactly the same — after all, salary negotiations are part of the hiring process — by being transparent about what everyone is being paid and making sure that there is equality with regards to race and gender, you will create a more equitable, kinder and happier workplace. Just be careful, as some experts disagree!

Don’t Micro-Manage

When you are in charge of a business, it’s normal to try to manage every single detail. Chances are though is that you’re actually getting in the way of your employees from doing their best work. A much better approach is to simply let your employees get on with their work within a reasonable degree of autonomy, allowing them the space to develop their own personal relationships with clients and to come up with creative ideas. This strategy worked for Apple and could work for you!

Company Trips

In order to make employees feel like they are part of a family is to actually treat them like a family. One way to ensure this is by scheduling company trips or days out for the whole team. The crucial part to focus on here is the bonding process. Any kind of work-related issues should be left firmly in the office. This trip should just be for personal contact building instead!