how to increase your blog traffic

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic : Read to Know

Blog traffic is the concern of every blogger, There are tens of a large number of abandoned sites on the Web because they didn’t receive enough traffic to make them lucrative and also the owners only lost interest. So as to produce and sustain a website you ought to be enthusiastic about your niche as it takes a continuous investment of time and energy.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your blog. If you are not able to get traffic to read your blog you won’t sell products or get subscribers. There are just two key approaches to create Blog traffic. One works very fast while another is more long-term.

Paid Blog Traffic

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

This is where you create ads that appear on the right side of the search engine results. Whenever someone clicks on your ad they will be accepted to your website. A rewarding pay-per-click effort is one in which your gain is higher than that which you spent. For instance, if your budget is $50/month and your gain is $200/month, your gain is $150/month.

Ezine Advertising

This refers to putting an ad in an ad that caters to your specific niche. As an example, if the ezine has 150,000 reactive subscribers, you will generate immediate traffic from your ad.

Organic Blog Traffic

There are 100s of Approaches to Create free traffic to your blog. However, I’ll Examine the most effective methods I have used and still use to generate traffic to my blog or Sites.

Content is King

I added this method first because”content is king” on the world wide web. Should you create content which has great worth it will automatically be shared with other people thus attracting more traffic. To create great content feel like your potential clients and try to solve their most pressing issues. They’ll be very thankful for it.

Search Engine Optimization

Before adding articles to your blog, do some first keyword research with Google’s free keyword tool to find out how many searches per keyword phrase receives each month. Include your main keyword at the beginning of the title meta tag, in the description meta tag, and the name of your articles and a few times across the body of your content.

Prevent keyword stuffing because this frequently alters the flow of your content and search engines may regard it that a “thin” content which affects your rankings.

Article Marketing

Write a special post of 500 words that provides several tips for your readers. Assign 1 paragraph for every suggestion. It should incorporate a call to action along with a URL to your site.

For people to read your post, print it on your blog then rewrite a few of it and submit it to the very best article directories. Some directories receive millions of visitors daily so you are going to have the ability to get your articles in front of the traffic and divert them to your website.

Ezine Marketing

Instead of simply submitting your article to article directories, pick several targeted ezines in your niche and then submit your content to publish. The beauty of this procedure is that you get more subscribers interested in your content since it’s a targeted viewer.

Guest Blog Post

It is hard for website owners to always produce new exceptional content several times a week so they frequently accept guest blog articles to feed their website. This provides an excellent chance for some other bloggers to divert some traffic from a popular site to their own blog with a guest post.

Produce a list of popular blogs in your niche. Read their articles and leave constructive comments prior to contacting the writer to submit a guest post so they’ll see you are not just a random visitor. You might even get the chance to be a regular guest poster once you’ve established a fantastic relationship with all the site’s writer.

Social Media

Use social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to socialize with your audience and build up a community of people interested in your articles. If people get to know, trust and like you they are more likely to buy your products.

Video Marketing

Lots of folks prefer to watch and listen to content instead of reading it. Video allows one to participate with your audience more than just text. Considering that YouTube receives 3 billion views every month it is reasonable to get in front of this traffic by uploading movies to YouTube. It might be as simple as converting your article into a movie by reading it on camera or creating a video slideshow.

It is easier to get high rankings for your videos in the search engines compared to written articles because there’s less competition (not everybody is doing this ).


Creating a regular newsletter is a wonderful way to build a community of men and women, you’ll be able to stay in contact with on a normal basis. It allows you to build long-term relationships with them so that you may recommend new products, in addition, to offer new suggestions and advice to construct their internet business.

I suggest subscribing to your dedicated email list provider that stores all your contacts in an online database so they are simple to manage. You’ll also be able to produce automated follow-up messages in addition to schedule the book of your newsletter on a specific date (i.e. next week).

If you take action on those 8 ways for traffic to your blog aznd do it regularly and your site traffic will gradually grow.


Here I rest my case on how you can increase your blog traffic with these tips and strategies. Always remember the internet is an ever-changing world and we get new tricks every day and the old one dies, so keep yourself educated and try to keep up with the world cheers!