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How to Start a Gardening Business (Garden Maintenance)

Many people believe that Gardening business is no longer so profitable. The truth is that it remains just as profitable and with much more demand. Yes, a business aims at the middle / upper class where people have the purchasing power to hire best tree services, so you should know which area of your city you offer the services.

If you pay attention to your area, you will see that many houses have beautiful gardens, which take a long time to maintain them properly. Therefore, many of these families and more if they are old, they tends to obtain the services of gardening to perform the maintenance work.

A gardening business can offer many tasks; one of them can be watering, raking, pruning, digging, planting, plowing and leafing. Currently the working time ranges between USD 18 and USD 20 per hour (Depending on the area).

Therefore, if you love plants and nature, you can choose to start a gardening business, which is very profitable and truly easy to do.

Advantages of a gardening business

One of its advantages is that it is a non-lazy business, because as a gardener, you will have many exercises to do and the best thing is that you will be outdoors. In addition, the good thing is that many people no longer have time for anything; therefore, their services will always have high demand.


As every business has some disadvantages, the main one is that being continuously outdoors sunlight can bring disadvantages to your health. This is because it will be very exposed to the sun, which can lead to dehydration or skin cancer problems.

Another disadvantage is that your gardening business depends a lot on the weather; therefore, during winter it is very likely that there is little demand. Therefore, you must take into account that rainy days are a lost day.

Do an investigation

As a first step, I recommend that you conduct an investigation on the business in your area. Mainly pointing out what your potential clients there is and investigating what type of services, you may provide. That way you can have a better idea before undertaking and investing in the business. Also, remember to investigate if there is competition, and if it exists, to see what type of services they provide and how much their services are worth.

In general, a garden business charges its services for hours. So pose as one more customer and get information about the rates of your competition.


Obviously, for a gardening business you must have skills. So I recommend that you practice or take a course (if you do not have experience). Customers want garden services to be fast, because they do not want to pay for more hours. So try to learn the best techniques and practice their speed when offering services.

Register the gardening business

If you will offer gardening services only to family homes, you may not need permits to work. However, if you want to offer services to companies and to different corporations, you will need if or if your business is registered and with the corresponding licenses.


While this business does not need a place, it is advisable to have one to make your business more visible. Try to choose a visible location in your city, where most people travel. Now, if you do not have the capital to invest in a place, you can start the gardening business from home.

Purchase of equipment

That’s right, you will need some equipment so that your gardening services are carried out correctly. Mainly you will need:

  • Shovels, hoes, rakes.
  • Aerators and cultivators.
  • Lawn mowers.

You must also add all the equipment for your office, such as furniture, computers, software and different services you need.

Presence in social networks

For people in your city to know you must create accounts in different social networks, this will help you find customers in a faster way. The most recommended networks are:


Plan other alternatives for your business to mow the lawn after summer and early fall. It includes other services such as raking the leaves and cleaning the snow. Make all your customers know that you have adequate services to take care of your outdoor spaces throughout the year.


Do not make promises that you cannot keep. If you get too many customers, tell them you will have to go the next day or the next week. If you have an excess of commitments, you will lose the clients since you will be forced to break some promises.

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