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How to Study Business Studies Effectively

business studies

From time to time it seems like studying business studies is not actual anymore. Prominent economists cannot predict financial storms. Investors lose millions of dollars, and, as we see, everything can go wrong due to a pandemic. However, if you have chosen to study Business studies, don’t get discouraged. It is not the first crisis the world sees, and after every crisis, the world economy starts growing at some point. Your education, your passion won’t go amiss, and you should study even more. Here are some tips on how to study business studies effectively.

Always Stay in the Loop

If you have ever read the story of Rockefellers, you know that timing is everything. If you fall out of the loop, you just get lost. In the real world, it means you don’t earn the money you want. In academia, it means that you cannot write a quality, up-to-date paper, as everything you write is not very relevant to the current situation. There are several methods you can use to stay in the loop:

  • Ask you, professor, to recommend some newsletters and other subscriptions;
  • Choose one of the top business review magazines and subscribe to its online version (students often have perfect discounts);
  • Subscribe to several business accounts on social media.

When you see some interesting article or topic, bookmark it, or better save it to a Google doc or Google sheet. The next time you need to write an essay, you will just open this sheet and have lots of up-to-date references to use. 

Delegate Assignments You Don’t Have Time for

Of course, you have to deal with at least two-thirds of your business assignments of your own, but it doesn’t mean that you should finish all 100% by yourself. Honor Code states differently, but it was created before the overall pressure on students became unbearable. An ability to diversify your tasks and delegate some of them is a very appreciated skill in any discipline, especially in business. So, it is much better to delegate some of your tasks than to submit them late or write them poorly. In such situations, we recommend addressing a reliable service and paying its writers, such as WriteMyPaperHub to get essays written for you by someone who are experts in paper writing. Later, you can use professionally prepared business papers as samples for your own work. Textbooks are too theoretical, and such examples can truly strengthen your writing skills. 

Follow the 30/30/30/10 Rule When Writing a Business Paper

When you receive an assignment to write a business paper help online of any kind, you think of it like that: “I can write one page in an hour, so I need 5 hours for a 5-page paper.” And later, you fail. Here is how you should actually plan your writing activity:

  • 30% time for research. When you pay enough attention to research, you have enough materials for writing a quality paper on time.
  • 30% time for writing. You don’t need more time for writing. You are not Hemingway or Virginia Woolf. You need to summarize your research and support the major idea with several arguments, and if you’ve done research as you should have been, this shouldn‘t be a problem.
  • 30% for proofreading. It may seem like too much for you, but it is exactly the way to come up with a perfectly polished paper.
  • 10% for an emergency. You need to have 10% time saved as a Plan B for an emergency. What if you need to proofread longer than expected? What if you don’t feel good for some time?

Stay in the loop, learn how to delegate the most annoying or urgent tasks, and plan your writing routine effectively. Even following these three rules, you will be much more efficient with business studies than before.