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How to Survive Your First DWI

Are you looking for how to survive your first DWI? If so, then look no further. This article will help explain what you should do to make it through your first DWI.

A DWI might seem like the end of the world, but it’s not. In fact, depending on the severity of the charge, there are a lot of things you can do to soften the blow. Therefore, you should read on to learn how you should go about surviving your first DWI.

Obtain Professional Representation

Your options depend on the severity of the charges. Therefore, you need to avoid speaking to the police without representation. If you leave it up to a professional, you might find out you are in a better position than you think. Additionally, an experienced DWI lawyer will be able to give you advice on the next steps you need to take.  Barkemeyer Law Firm is an attorney who can help you with your charges.

Two things you might be asked to do by a lawyer are getting an independent blood test and writing your own version of events. Both of these will help get your narrative of the events out in the open. Keep in mind that requesting an attorney does not mean you will get one that specializes in DWI cases.

Ensure That You Have Your Own Evidence

Writing your own version of events and getting an independent blood test are two examples of evidence that can potentially help your case. Additionally, you want to determine the exact reason for your arrest, gather witnesses, and get the results of tests such as a breathalyzer.

The goal is to make as strong a case as possible, which includes understanding the charges and evidence piled up against you. While a lawyer will likely take care of a lot of this, there is no reason not to begin doing these things yourself if you are still looking for representation.

Prepare for Trial

Chances are, your case will go to trial. Therefore, you need to make some preparations, such as deciding on whether you plan on pleading innocent or guilty and potentially enlisting the services of a bail bondsman. You will also need emotional support, so reach out to others.

Protect Yourself

It is great if you end up beating your DWI charge. However, if you are found guilty, a lot of things will change. The charge will appear on your criminal record, which will be seen by employers. You will also face public scrutiny that will be difficult to bear without help.

On top of everything else, your license will be suspended, though there are some circumstances in which the time the license is suspended is lowered. Therefore, discuss these things with your lawyer if necessary.


The simple truth is that a DWI is a difficult thing to face, even if it is your first time. You should fight, especially if you have a good case, but you need to prepare for every possible outcome. Therefore, follow the advice above and understand your options. With this, you now know how to survive your first DWI.