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How to Tell Your Law Firm Needs SEO

Your law firm needs SEO to remain competitive. When potential clients go looking for a suitable law firm on search engines, your ranking on the search engine result pages (SERPs) may determine how many clients you will convert.

Setting up a website is not enough. Your site may be well-designed, but without SEO, you will only land so many clients. Consequently, you’ll need to invest in SEO by maybe hiring an SEO agency.

Law firms without SEO struggle to get clients and remain afloat. Without the clients, you’ll most probably go out of business. Are you wondering whether your law firm needs SEO? Here are the signs you should look out for.

Signs Your Law Firms Needs SEO

1. Little to No Conversion

If you are not getting new clients, chances are your SEO sucks, or it’s non-existent. SEO helps you get the visibility you require to close clients. 

When you optimize your site, it will likely appear on the first page of the SERPs. Research has shown more than a quarter of the searchers click on results from the first page.

The rise in rankings will directly impact your site’s traffic, leading to a higher conversion rate. 

2. Potential Clients Prefer the Competition

Clients prefer where they will get reliable legal information and an appealing browsing experience.

If they can’t get what they are looking for on your site or the browsing experience is not friendly, they will likely move on to your competitors.

Creating legal content that will answer your visitors’ questions will keep them coming back, while excellent User Experience (UX) will help them navigate your site without problems. 

Consider providing legal content to solve your visitors’ problems, such as questions to ask a lawyer after an accident, why you need an attorney, etc.

3. Your Site Isn’t Visible on Google

If you have built an excellent website for your law firm and filled it with all the details about the legal services you offer and past work, but your clients can’t find your site on Google, you need to do more.

Do you go past the first few pages when searching for something? You probably don’t. Neither will potential clients.

Your law firm’s website needs to rank on the first page, and SEO is the only way to get there.

4. High Bounce Rates

Take a moment and go through your site. Do you feel like leaving the site after the first page?

If yes, that’s probably what other visitors to your site feel. Bounce rate is the percentage of site visitors who leave your site shortly after clicking on it.

High bounce rates may be as a result of any of the following:

  • Bad user experience
  • Low-quality content
  • Pages loading slowly
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • Misleading meta descriptions/ title tags
  • Unclear conversion path

Among others, these issues can discourage potential clients from converting into actual clients, but it’s nothing SEO can’t handle.

5. Your Website Traffic Has Reduced

If your site is invisible, you’ll most likely experience low traffic. This translates to low conversion rates, which is bad for business.

Your site’s traffic may go down due to several reasons:

  • Outdated content that requires updating
  • Penalties from Google for violating policies
  • Technical issues with your site, like maneuverability
  • Low rankings

However, without SEO, it might not be possible to recover from such a situation. Luckily, if you can apply proper SEO, you can regain your lost traffic and even gain more.

SEO is a crucial part of marketing your law firm. With the internet gaining so much popularity, your online presence is of utmost importance. But, your competitors probably do that too. Traditional marketing can only get you so far, but proper SEO will ensure your site ranks high, gets traffic, and results in conversions. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to invest in SEO for your law firm.


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